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A New Emma Favorite: Animal Books.

Recently Emma has been very into reading her animal books! It is so fun that she is now at the stage where she will actually sit down (for about two minutes maybe) and look at the book as you read it to her! The animal books are the most fun because of the colors and, of course, the noises that go with the pictures. She has the “woof, woof, woof” of the dog noise down, which is currently the noise she makes for every animal…its a slow process but I think the lamb “baaa” noise just started appearing yesterday in her very large repertoire of sounds!

Here are two animal books Emma, Eric and I are currently spending a large portion of our time reading lately.

She especially likes this first one. She loves the colors and I have found it is the perfect amount of info for the animal noises, not to much and not to little and very fun. It has the noises right there (which I admit helps me out sometimes…you never know how to differentiate between the bear, lion and tiger noises..this books helps you out there!) Plus it has a little spinner in it so as she grows this book will just get more and more fun and become not just a book but also a game, two in one how fabulous!

Animal Noises

This second book will just become more and more fun as she grows as well because it includes all the different ways animals walk! Fun activity and learning all at the same time, another two in one…these books are winners!


Zoo Parade!

Ok so this last one is not actually an animal book and right now it is not the most entertaining book to little Emma, but I read it to her anyway cause I know someday soon she’s gonna love it! It is just too cute and sooooo how I would play “mommy” when I was a little girl. It’s just too adorable not to share with all you mommies of little girls out there…get it for your little girl, so fun!

Little Mommy (Little Golden Book)

All these books are $5 (or actually even less) a piece and so fun to read and interact with your little one, just thought I’d share, it’s always fun getting new ideas right?!



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My Day of Distraction.

Yes I know… I had originally said and planned on writing an “update” post on both Thrusday and Friday of this week to get you all caught up on our families last two weeks.

But then yesterday I got to a re-organizing project in our home, enough said.

Meaning any extra housework and blog writing went right out the window. I am telling you, I was all about this organizing project as soon as Emma went down for her naps (both morning and afternoon). And it paid off, because by the end of the day I had completed my “fun craft bookshelf” (as I now refer to it), oh so cute and ultra organized in a corner of Emma’s closet. I will get pictures of it up next week and try to give some good tips on what I did so if you find yourself wanting a “fun craft bookshelf” of your own, you can get right to it!

As to why I am not writing an “update” post today…we are off to a friend’s wedding this weekend and I just plain ran out of time this morning to get the “update” all ready to go. Good news though, everyone is packed and we are on schedule to leave right when we planned, all you moms out there know what a feeling of accomplishment that is in and of itself!

So plan for next weeks posts……the two (as previously promised) updates on our families life the past couple weeks, pictures (and tips on) of the “fun craft bookshelf”, and possibly some pictures from this weekend’s wedding (word is the bride has made 90% of the wedding decor, gonna be pretty!)!

Thanks for your patience for the long awaited “update” posts and have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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My 50th Post: Just for Fun.

That’s right…I have made it to my fiftieth post, Eric is so proud!!! Thank you to all you readers for your kind comments along the way! I am so happy to hear that you all are enjoying my blog and being encouraged as you read….and some of you even getting more organized (music to my ears!)!

So for today to celebrate Post #50 I thought a little poll would be fun. I looked at what the most popular posts have been since I started this blog back in January and I have listed the Top Six (the last two were tied with number of views…otherwise it would’ve just been top five) most popular posts below.

Just click on which one out of these six was your favorite (yes you can vote more than once if you really want to)!

Here are the links to the posts listed above (in case you need a refresher):

“A Few of Emma’s Favorite Things.”

“A Very Simple Organizing Tip.”

“Emma’s New Hat.”

“The Day a Stinky Diaper Took Over Our Home.”

“Our Valentine Weekend Fun.”

“The First Ever: Ask Ashley.”

Happy 50th Post Wednesday everybody!

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Two Cents Tuesday: The First Room to Organize.

No this is not my kitchen...maybe someday.

As you all begin to contemplate your grand plans for spring cleaning, let me give you a tip on where to start, the hub of the home: The Kitchen. An organized kitchen will save you time and money almost immediately, just a few benefits; you will know what you have (you won’t buy unnecessary items); you will know where to put things away (putting things away will go much faster & you will spend less time moving items around just to fit in all the cabinet…yeah I know some of you do that!); and most importantly your family will be more willing to help in the kitchen (as I was reminded this weekend when my wonderful hubby spontaneously unloaded the dishwasher for me just because)!

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A “Contact Me” Page is Now Up.

I have been asked if there are other ways to contact me. So, as of today I have put up a new page on the blog. It simply lists my email for those who are interested in contacting me with any comments, questions, or inquiries.

Thank you all for your compliments & feedback about the blog! Happy to hear my posts are both helpful and enjoyable!

You can click here or on the “Contact Me” tab above to see the new page (not really anything too exciting, but there it is!).

Also…as you can clearly see I am playing around with a new background right now….I’m still kinda new at this so excuse all the changes for the time being!

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