Emma’s New Hat.

To give you all time to get used to clearing off your kitchen table every night (I know, so kind of me right?:)) I thought today I would post some pictures that will make you all smile, I’m sure of it!

Emma got a new hat from Grammy last week… handmade by Alysha Tarr (another young mom at Grammy’s church). Emma just loves her new hat…almost as much as mommy does! Alysha asked for a few pics of Emma wearing the hat so she can possibly use them to spread word about her new Etsy shop. So Emma and I had a fun little photoshoot at home yesterday morning hehehe! Here are some of my favorites from my oh so professional shots! Hope you enjoy the pics, isn’t she a cutie pie??? :)

You can check out Alysha’s new Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheSunshineStitch.



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8 responses to “Emma’s New Hat.

  1. Barb

    so very cute and so stylish! love the jean jacket and brown leggins too.
    I was actually waiting for my next organizing assignment. So think I’ll work on cleaning out one cupboard in my kitchen today.

    • Thanks Barb its so fun dressing our little girl, a real live baby doll!!! Great idea with cleaning out the cupboard! I always say the kitchen is the best room to start getting organized, saves you the most time and money right away, gives you motivation to move on to the next rooms! You are already ahead on lots of organizing in your home though I know. For the beginner organizers I didn’t want to overwhelm them right away with to many assignments…more will be coming soon promise! :)

  2. Cute! Love the entire outfit! Guess what? I “know” Alysha! I read her blog! :)

  3. Jennifer Dickson

    she is SUCH a cutie pie! :) I love the hat and ADORE the jean jacket! SO fun :)

  4. Vicki Smith

    She is so ADORABLE.

  5. Vicki Smith

    She is absolutey adorable!!

  6. Emma's Aunt Emily

    yes she IS so cute! good pic’s : )

  7. Ginni

    Gotta agree. That girl is sooo cute and stylish.

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