A Very Simple Organizing Tip.

Okay we are gonna start super simple with these organizing tips. If things were to get to complex to fast I know more than half of you won’t even have the courage to start practicing any of these simple steps to being organized. So those of you who already do this tip daily, good job, you’re on your way already, see your more organized than you thought! But for those of you who don’t practice this yet, get to it, its an easy one, so start tonight, no excuses!

The simple centerpiece on our kitchen table.

Now I always thought this “tip” was a given, however, I have learned from helping people organize that things I assume are second nature to everyone, quite often are not. No big deal…help is on the way! Ok so here it comes for all you wanting to get organized, big breath……

Tip for today: Have your kitchen table cleared off completely every night before you go to bed.

(Helpful hint: Having a small centerpiece in the middle of your table is sometimes good motivation to keep your table clear, it’ll look nicer when it is the only thing on the table when you wake up in the morning. Keep the centerpiece simple though, ours is pictured here, nice and simple and easy to remove for mealtime.)

That’s it, sounds ridiculous to some I know, seems to simple. But like I said we have to start off simple if there is any hope of accomplishing further organization for your home! So thats it for now, got it? Tell me if you accomplish this tip (assuming someone is reading this) and then I’ll be convinced we are ready to move on to the next step, don’t worry we’ll move nice and slow!



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19 responses to “A Very Simple Organizing Tip.

  1. Alex

    I agree with you, it looks so much better! I always try and keep my table cleared off at the end of the night!

  2. Barb

    Yes, yes, yes! I can do this…
    Honestly, my hubby is big on ‘cleared’ horizontal surfaces. But I forgot to have the decorative touch at all times. I whip up something when company comes, but truly, why not have this eye candy for just us? Great tip, Ashley. Years ago I was in a book club reading Ordering Your Private World. Your tip supports their point that the condition of our horizontal surfaces often times reflect the condition of our heart. So clean surfaces often reflect a heart at peace and rest. Blessings on your day!

  3. OK…I have a question. I currently use my kitchen table for my craft area, which I use every day..usually. I have my sewing machine on it and a storage container. I have really no other space in my apartment for it. (small place) Would it be better to store it under the table? Any other suggestions?

    • Totally feeling you on the small space, same here so I understand having to make your kitchen table multitask. Yes, I would store it under the table for now, having a cleared off table really does make your whole place feel neater almost immediately. I would also suggest maybe looking for a small console table, desk or old armoire (target, walmart, homegoods or even maybe craigslist), that could maybe go up against the back of your couch? OR I use a desk in our bedroom (I will be posting pics of our little “office” in some near future blogs…soon I promise)! Hope this helps a little for the moment! But bottom line, yes still clear off the kitchen table at the end of every day!

  4. i love your blog :) thanks for the tip… i am looking forward to more posts :)

  5. Ginni

    As they say in Sound of Music “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.” :-)

  6. seriously. we have so much in common its hilarious.
    I think we have to try and have a playdate or something and share all our organizing, OCD ways. ;)

  7. Jennifer Dickson

    definitely a good tip. I’m also one with “small available space”! usually we have bills sprawled on our table or recent mail or even just keys & chapsticks ha ha… things from “pockets” …. I’m gonna work on this one! :)

  8. Great tip! I don’t have a dinig table but the same goes for my office space. If I don’t clear off my desk in the evening, stuff multiplies by morning. My center piece is my computer.

  9. Jessica

    I really need to work on this one. Our table tends to be a catch all for papers and bills. I’ll have to start making it apart of my routine in the evenings.

  10. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    I like this idea- my table always seems to clutter so quickly because its location is by the front door. It just seems to become the catch-all area! We do have a nice indoor potted plant there already, I think it will be our center piece!

  11. Is it bad that I am still discouraged?? I might just have to deal with a messy house until I can afford a house cleaner/organizer/maid person. But keep em coming, I will try!

  12. Cheryl Drummond

    Way to go, Ashley! If there had been blogs back in the ’70’s, I would have totally been into doing this! I am an organizer, re-furbisher, re-purposer, do-it-yourselfer, multi-tasker and seamstress from way back. As a mom of 3 with a home sewing business, I had no choice but to stay organized- so that in my “free time” I could truly be free! I can tell you that 35 years from now you will be blessed by doing your best with the time, intellect, talents and resources that God has given you- and your kids, too, who have young families of their own will look back and say “how did mom do all this?” The blessing of being organized is that it allows you to be spontaneous enough to minister to others, to entertain and have an open home, and to serve others in need. However, sewing is my heart and true passion… if anyone reading this can relate, go to thesewingblonde.blogspot.com to share this hilarious daily account with a fabric obsession. This was my life… Keep up the good work, Ashley!

  13. Lorena

    You know, I don’t know how it happeneds, but it does. Just like you said, my table ends up being a cluttered mess. I appreciate you posting these little tips, Ashley. :) I promise to work harder at being a better home maker!

  14. :sigh: looking forward to the day we have a kitchen table :) and i already have what i call my ‘bible study caddy’ to keep said future table from being taken over with my papers/pens/bible/dictionary etc.

    *i dream of doing my bible study at a table.

  15. Emma's Aunt Emily

    cute runner…did you make it?

    • Thanks Em! No, actually the runner is one of the curtain panels I had up in the dining area in our last place, since I can;t use them as curtains in our new place…tada…for now a table runner! :)

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