A Few of Emma’s Favorite Things.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Emma wanted me to share with you guys some of her most favorite toys at the moment. She even wore her little valentine heart dress in some pictures to show you guys her favorite things!

Emma's favorite frame!

1) The small picture frame hanging over her changing table. Yes, technically this is not a toy, but Emma finds it fascinating. You can pretty much guarantee that she will reach for it and work as hard as she can to take it off it’s hook the entire time I am changing her diaper. And she has now very successfully figured out how to take it off almost every time, hmmmm. Because of her recent victory over the middle picture frame, Emma has now proceeded to reach even farther and harder (while yes I am trying to get her cloth diaper on her) for the one of the other picture frames that is over her head (the frame behind her head in this picture). This favorite of hers has led to some of her first firm “no’s” from mommy, but overall (as long as the frames stay out of her mouth) this helps entertain while I get her diaper all nice and fresh once again!

…no worries, Eric was right by the changing table when we took this picture, Emma was not in danger of falling off. :)

Emma's favorite little kitchen!

2) Her little play kitchen. I mean look at the picture, how could this not be a favorite! She particularly loves pressing down the faucet on the sink. I am proud to let you all know that Eric and I know all the words to the little tune by heart now and can sing any of the kitchen songs at a moments notice.

So excited to eat the light!

Emma is actually so enthralled by this favorite of hers that she tends to get over excited sometimes and will either end up pulling the kitchen down on top of her or pushing the kitchen down and falling on top of it (which, as seen here in this action shot, is precisely what happened while taking these pictures). We think it may be because she is trying to eat the little light that turns off and on while the songs are playing, she will eventually realize this can’t be done I’m sure.

"Fancy Nancy"

3)Her “Fancy Nancy” book cover. Yes, book cover, although Emma does listen to the whole book being read, she would always much rather just stare at, chew on, and feel the cover of this particular book (as you can see in the pics). Why? Because the cover has sparkles on it! That’s right, Emma’s a little girly girl already fascinated with pink, purple and sparkles, so cute! This is an adorable book given to her by a lady in our church who first introduced herself to us as “fancy Nancy” (she always looks so sharp and put together the name fits her well). It is so funny to watch Emma’s excitement when she sees this book and pulls it right up to her face, sometimes accidentally gently hitting her face with it a few times just because she wants to see those sparkles so badly! You can click on the link at the bottom of this post if you want to share this book with any baby girls you may know, its a keeper!

Chewing the cover.

Emma is such a happy girl and enjoys so many things, these are just a few of the top things for now. She also enjoys cuddling, scratching her pink bumper pads in her crib with her little fingers, baby talk, dancing with Mommy and Daddy, eating her baby food (we are very happy she enjoys this, makes our job easier), when daddy gets home each day and her little glowworm baby doll that plays music. Hope you enjoyed these little insights into our daughter’s world at the moment. I will do my best to keep you informed as the favorites change!

Fancy Nancy (the link for the “Fancy Nancy” book), enjoy!



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6 responses to “A Few of Emma’s Favorite Things.

  1. Ginni

    She is so cute. Love that you have a girly girl. They are the best, and “Fancy Nancy” is a great series for all girly girls and their moms. Matthew’s Preschool teacher, Mss Nancy, was Fancy Nancy for Halloween. So fun. :)

    • Oh what a cute idea by that teacher! We only have the one “Fancy Nancy” book right now but I wanna look at the other ones in the series too cause you’re right they are so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! She is so so so super cute! I miss her so much!! I love the pictures. And you had her posing so nicely with each one. Well done mommy! Love the Emma posts. Give her kisses from Aunt Talia and tell her I love her and miss her so much!

  3. Vicki Smith

    These pictures are so adorabela and she is sooo oprecious and sooo beautiful and fun and we just love her SO MUCH!! Love, Grandma Jim :)

  4. Emily

    so cute little Emma favorite things girl! She just loves being a little girly girl!

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