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Baby Durso #2: The Exciting Discovery.

Moments after the exciting discovery of Baby #2!

So, my grandparents were out to visit from Illinois. We had spent the day with them just a couple days earlier and my mom had called to see if we would be able to maybe surprise them on their last day out here and meet up at my sister’s house (that way they could see Emma and Jackson, my sister’s little boy, interact…cause it is pretty cute to watch them together!).

Anywho, we had had a pretty full schedule the few weeks prior and had been planning a nice quiet day with our little family of three on Eric’s first day off in a while…so we had tentatively told my mom it didn’t look like we would be able to make it down to my sister’s that day.

Then, totally out of the blue, I said to Eric…”well how about we make one exception to our decision of not going tomorrow?” Eric was open to the suggestion and looked at me wondering what this “exception” would be. I went on, “why don’t we pick up a pregnancy test on our way home from church tonight, I’ll take the test in the morning and if I am pregnant we will go down tomorrow…it’d be the perfect time to tell everybody!” Eric thought this was an excellent “exception” and agreed to the deal, we would go down to see the family tomorrow if in the morning we discovered that a new baby was indeed on it’s way!

The week prior there had really only been a few “hmmm..that’s interesting” signs. First, of course, was an extra dose of tiredness for me. Second, was one night while going to bed, I cuddled close to Eric and he said…”you are super hot (as in body temperature)…are you pregnant?” Third, I got a small pimple on my neck (cannotbelieve I just wrote that on here for you all to read), which never happens to me, except for a small breakout during my pregnancy with Emma. So, those three little moments (along with middle of the night trips to the bathroom beginning to pop up once again) got me wondering.

Emma very proudly showing everyone her new little brother or sister is on the way!

Then came early Monday morning…I of course woke up early having to use the restroom. Quietly went about opening the test and watched it turned positive almost immediately! My reaction was the same as seeing that positive sign the day we found out Emma was on her way. Tears came into my eyes, I started to shake with excitement, a smile was plastered across my face and I ran out of the bathroom waking Eric up with “Eric, I’m pregnant!!!!!! We’re having another baby!!!!!!!!” And then looking at the test over and over to really make sure it was true!

Shortly after I had woken Eric up we heard little Emma start talking in her room, informing us she was awake. We rushed in to tell her the wonderful news! She was excited…mostly just cause she could see mommy and daddy were so excited! We then sat down as our little family and took the pictures you see here. Then we prayed, thanking God for another little baby blessing, asking for a healthy baby and pregnancy, and wisdom to raise this new one He has chosen to bless us with!

More on how we revealed the exciting news to our families later this week!!! :)



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Emma’s First Birthday, One Full Year.

Wowie! It has been a year. Emma came waltzing into our little family exactly one year ago today and my how she has changed every single day… hour…. minute…and second of our lives! And my how we have so loved every one of those changed moments! She is our little joyful girl and we are thankful for such an enormous blessing from God, one we could never have even imagined until she came! It is incredible.

Amazed....and exhausted, one year ago today.

Emma first smiled at a month and a half, first laughed at three and a half months, rolled over at three and a half months, got her first two teeth at five months, sat up at six months, crawled at eight and a half months, stood on her own around nine months and just took her first steps days before her first birthday!

One of those first sweet smiles.

Not to mention the cuddling moments, laughing moments, exhausting moments,  the “wow this is a lot of crying” moments, the moments in the middle of the night praying her fever doesn’t get to high trying not to worry, and those moments you stop and realize just how immense your love for this precious little one is. It has been quite a year.

Emma has been very expressive from the start. We love her happy face, confused face, surprised face, intrigued face, concentrated face and even her sad face (though saddening to see) is incredibly cute! She continues to surprise us with new faces and sounds daily! She has inherited mommy’s loud (and somewhat raspy) voice and daddy’s perfect lips and eyelashes (lucky little girl)!

One of her crazy cute expressive faces.

This parenting thing is an unforgettable, joyful and consistently humbling experience. It teaches you even more about how deep God’s love for us as His children is and makes you realize how little we really understand about just how great God is. What a cool way for God to teach us, through our own little children!

Us with our precious baby girl.

Thank you Emma for all you have taught us this year and will continue to teach us in the years to come! We love you sooooo much and are thankful beyond words that God has given you to us! Kisses, hugs and cuddles to our little baby girl!

To read my hubby’s adorable thoughts on Emma’s first birthday click here!


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Apologies for the Delay.

Apparently something about my “mommy brain” caused me to forget the busyness that can occur in the summer when you are married to a Youth Pastor. It is marvelous really, it is also busy.

That being said, I must apologize for the yet even longer delay in getting those fun-filled vacation stories posted up for you all to read and enjoy! Reason being….we were home for five days in between vacation and a youth trip we will be taking this weekend.

Those five days included…lots of laundry, unpacking, an unexpected span of three sick days for our little Emma (which also resulted in an unexpected doctor visit…and all the unexpected time and tiredness that come with a sick little baby), fun fourth of July family festivities, the usual ins-n-outs of running a home daily, a bit more planning and prep for Emma’s First Birthday Party (she will be ONE in just one week…cannot believe it!!!!) and of course then putting all that clean laundry right back in the suitcases to pack for the youth trip! Whew…this is one tired mama!!!!

Emma eyeing some icecream...we gave her her first bite of icecream this vacation, it was a hit!

Anyhow for now the best I can do with the time I have is to leave you another picture from our vacation for now and try my hardest to get some of those fun stories posted next week when we return! Hope you all have a fabulous summer weekend!



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Still Blogging.

Our little family on vacation in Carmel!

Hello! Hello! So sorry to have led some of you to believe that my blogging days were over!!  As you can tell I am still new to this blogging world and have not yet learned the proper “blogging etiquette” of informing your readers that you will be away for a couple weeks on vacation, my bad!

Anywho…as you can clearly see we are now back from our little family vacation! We had a marvelous time and my head is jam-packed full of the memories and stories from our trip that I want to record here on this blog (meaning I will share them all with you as I write them out here on Simple Joys this week)!

For the moment I just wanted to write a quick note letting you all know I am still here blogging! The vacation stories will start tomorrow! For now I am just finishing up the last load of laundry, the toys are disinfected (from all those germy places toys go on vacation), bags are all put away and we are now officially all unpacked (just two days after getting home, with a sick baby at home I’d say that’s not to shabby….one more reason being organized is so great, sorry had to throw that organizing tid bit in…you know me!)! Can’t wait to share some funny family moments from our trip with you all this week!

Now off for some good ol’ 4th of July family bbq and excited and curious to see what Emma’s reaction to the fireworks will be tonight! Happy 4th everybody!

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