Waiting on Ella.

Eric & I at the 34 week mark with Ella, this past December.

Today I am officially 38 weeks (those of you wanting months…that’s about the full 9 months) pregnant with our second little girl, Ella Faith. We are now at the point where anytime I call my mom, mother-in-law or sisters “are you in labor?” is the very first thing said to me when they pick-up, which I don’t mind at all…so fun having a family so ready and excited with us to meet little Ella! The crib is up, the cradle is up, the super huge double jogging stroller is put together and ready to jog, the little baby carseat has been properly installed in the car…….things are ready and we are eagerly awaiting meeting our second little girl face to face anyday now!

As we wait on little Ella’s arrival, I have caught myself at times getting a little impatient wanting to just be able to hold Emma on my lap again at night as I rock her to sleep, wanting to see Emma’s reaction to baby Ella, wanting to sleep on my belly again, wanting to wear normal jeans, wanting to watch the happiness on Eric’s face as he holds our new little daughter in one arm and our joyful little Emma in his other, wanting to hold little Ella in my arms, see her precious little face, hands, toes, nose……etc. etc. etc.

Then one night recently as I was chatting with our little Emma in the rocking chair before bedtime and she climbed into the little “alcove”  (between mommy’s lap and the arm of the rocking chair) she has now become accustomed to as mommy’s belly has grown to big for her to comfortably enjoy mommy’s lap…I realized I needed to cherish these last few days of moments with our little family of three! Enjoy and be thankful for the fact that God has allowed us to have another child and has thus far given me such a healthy pregnancy, with a healthy little girl growing inside of me.

Eric & I at the 36 week point with little Emma, back in June 2010.

I told my mom just today on the phone (as I was answering her questions about if I had felt any contractions today, what the possible driving to the hospital scenarios could be, etc.) that I am not annoyed about having to wait for Ella’s arrival, I am thankful to be pregnant, thankful to have made it full term, thankful to have a wonderful hubby, the list could go on and on. I, well we (Eric, Emma, and I) are just excited about Ella’s arrival, excited to experience all the things mentioned in the above paragraph and become a little family of four!

And may I just say I am very happy that I personally know the only One who at this very moment knows the precise timing of Ella Faith’s arrival! He knows that it is not one second too early or one second too late, but rather right on His, always perfect, time schedule…and that is what allows me to enjoy these final days as we eagerly wait on our little Ella to arrive.



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3 responses to “Waiting on Ella.

  1. Vicki smith

    Absolutely agree…these thankful moments are everlasting and so special . Good job of no t allowing them to slip away…stay aware of all your previous moments God chooses to give you!! Love you and so proud of you daughter!

  2. As always, you have encouraged my heart with this post. Thank you!

    • Thank you Lizzy! You are always such an encouragement to me just by so sweetly letting me know it was an encouragement to you! We miss you guys! Hope you are doing well adjusting to having three precious little ones! :)

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