A Whole New Level of “Nesting.”

As you can see by the date of the last post I put up (almost two months ago now), I have been a bit distracted lately! Between moving, being in the final months of pregnancy, having a bunch of fun family festivities over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and little Emma wanting to watch videos on facebook of her grandparents and cousins nearly anytime the computer is out while she’s awake…my computer time has been limited (or strictly reserved for Emma to watch videos!) and the blog got bumped to the backburner pretty quickly!

Most recent "preggo pic"...35 weeks and counting!

However, one final reason for my recent absence from the blog can be blamed on a pregnancy symptom we all affectionately refer to as “nesting.”

Let’s just say I catch the whole “nesting” bug pretty intensely. In fact, I believe (and Eric would probably back me up here, right babe?) that I am somewhat always in “nesting mode”…the organization ideas just keep on flowing (pregnant or not)! This means that the whole pregnancy “nesting” symptom simply intensifies (times like a billion) when I am in the final months of pregnancy!

Good thing I have such a wonderful hubby who; A. Loves me; B. Appreciates the organization (or at least knows how to act excited for me when he gets home from work and I very proudly show him what new project Emma and I tackled during the day); C. Just laughs at me, never getting annoyed; and D. Reminds me to rest and that it is a-okay if everything is not perfectly put in place! Thank you my love! :)

Seriously though, let me just give you a small scope of the “nesting” projects I have tackled in the last month (I do hope you all enjoy a good laugh over some of my OCD tendencies that will be so clearly revealed here):

  • Food pantry organized (yes I know, not a part of the nursery for the girlies, but to me still something I wanted in order to make kitchen work all the more easier once we’ve got two little girlies to take care of).
  • Desk area organized (also a section of the home I wanted to be sure was in tip-top functioning order before little Ella arrives because I know I will not have time to do any extra rummaging through papers to pay the bills after she comes…gotta make the paperwork for bills as simple as possible and I do believe that we now have a very efficiently functioning desk area to stay on top of the bills).
  • Closet and dresser in the girl’s room organized (Now this was a major overhaul project that was top on the list of getting done for obvious reasons..figuring out how to fit so many adorable pink outfits in one room was quite the fun challenge for me and my weird love of organizing! I am pleased to now officially say I have things put away in the way I feel will most help me keep things running efficiently and practically with all the little pink things, flower headbands, diapers, shoes, blankets, burp clothes, etc. etc. etc. that little “stylish” baby girls require)!
  • Ella’s crib is up, along with all the proper bedding (thanks to my mom and mother-in-law who helped find the bedding online to match Emma’s)!

    Me with my wonderful hubby!

  • A final layout to fit both Emma & Ella’s cribs has been decided on and it looks cute, not crammed (thanks to the help from my sis and the serious help from Eric as he moved the furniture in the nursery around so many times as my sister – who is also pregnant – and I were not much help in actually moving the furniture but just in actually placing the furniture in certain places in our minds and then letting Eric complete the placement for us in real life…again can I just say what a wonderful hubby I have!)!
  • Hanging picture frames and other fun stuff on the walls in the nursery, including two bins for diapers (one filled with Emma’s size, one filled with Ella’s size), two bins for the girls headbands (again, one with Ella-sized bands and one with Emma- sized bands), and finally one more bin on the wall to hold the flowers that clip onto the headbands for the girls (gotta keep those headbands within practical reach for day to day use…you all see how much Emma uses hers!).
  • And of course…what closet organization would be complete without the color-coordination of hangers for our girls clothes (yes….it’s true…I admit it…I had to…it just makes more sense to me…Emma has the light pink hangers and Ella has the dark pink hangers…..and may I just say it adds so much to their cute little pink-filled closet)!

Emma enjoying testing out the baby swing for Ella!

There are other things here and there that have been done as well but these are the main ones that really helped things feel completed and oh so ready to go for when our little Ella arrives! Emma has been such a great helper to mommy of course in getting things organized (her favorite project thus far…organizing all the baby shoes…she wanted to try just about every pair on just to be sure they were good to go for Ella, what a good big sister she is already)!

She has also thoroughly enjoyed the little swing and bouncy seat we recently took out of the closet for little Ella, I think she wonders why we didn’t let her know earlier that we had these fun little gadgets in our home, haha!

Anywho…needless to say we are getting very excited about welcoming little Ella Faith into our home in the weeks to come. We can’t wait to see little Emma’s reaction to having a little baby sister! And we are so thankful to God for our two little girls…and no worries people, no matter how OCD I may sound after you read this (sheesh!), I know that “nesting” is really just the beginning of the serious day-to-day blessings we receive in raising these two little girls, what a joy!



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4 responses to “A Whole New Level of “Nesting.”

  1. And yes I do plan on putting up picture of some of the organizing projects mentioned in this post! Our camera is still broken which has made it harder to be on top of pictures and posting them to the blog, but I am planning on sharing pictures and more specifics on ideas of organizing the above mentioned projects sometime in the future!

  2. Tammi Durso

    You are adorable! I wish I had a little bit of that OCD thing. But I’m glad I have you. Some day I’ll take the time to get my house in order too!

  3. Barb

    I love the way you are making the “journey” as exciting as the “destination”. So glad you accomplished so much. Ella will be such a welcome addition to your home. We’ll see what special story she writes in your heart. Praying forward for you guys!

  4. Good to read another new post. I really missed reading your blog in the last 2 months. Thank you for being such an encouragement! I am excited for the arrival of little Ella. What a blessing!

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