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Jumping Right In.


Emma’s little “sprout” pigtails!

The last few days in my little mommy world…Ella’s first tooth has finally poked through, Emma can now sing through the entire alphabet (aside from some slight slurring together of letters j&k, I mean hey she is only two!), Ella is ready to take on her first crawl at any moment, and Emma’s hair has just officially become long enough to start sporting the “sprout-style” pigtails (way too much fun)!

Our life is never boring! There are always fun, new, exciting things happening in this household and I am quickly forgetting some of those precious little memories that I thought for sure I would remember when they happened!


Ella smiling after we discovered her tooth poking through!

You see, in my little organized brain I tend to think that I should write at least one blog post per month for each month I have been absent from writing on the blog. This, however, I am quickly coming to realize, is ridiculous for mainly two reasons (1) I really do not have time to sit down and recall things from the past, at least, 6 months that I have been not writing and (2) – This being the real issue at hand – My little “mommy brain” can in no way, shape or form recall all the details from the past 6 months to bring the blog perfectly up to date in an orderly fashion.

And so now that I have given in to the reality of my limited time for blogging and my limited brain space for much memory as a mommy of two little ones…I have decided to just jump right in and get to blogging these current memories before I start forgetting them too!

I am glad to be back to getting our little silly family memories recorded again, I have missed it and although I have “written” numerous blog posts in my head over the past months, I am ready to get them back on the blog (more importantly, our girls sleeping schedule is now much more accommodating to my being able to write a few blog posts here and there, hah!) Hope you all enjoy laughing with us as we cherish these simple joys that God blesses us with as we strive to glorify Him through our marriage and family!


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