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A Place for Your Checklist.

Our home's checklist holder.

To go along with this weeks “Two Cents” as well as the incorporation of  “Organizing Principle #2” I present you with a nice simple weekend project: The Memo Board. This is extremely easy to make and the perfect place to pin up your daily checklist!

All I did was take some leftover fabric from our curtain panels, some leftover ribbon from our wedding programs (believe it or not…had that for almost three years now!), some leftover plywood (from Emma’s cradle, a family heirloom passed down to us), and some leftover batting (from the mobile my sister and I made for Emma’s nursery…I’ll have to show you that project sometime too…my sister is a genius!). So can you see the theme? Leftover material  = completely free project and decoration for our home, the best kind!

Here’s what I did in 8 simple steps:

1) Cut the fabric to fit the piece of plywood (cut the fabric a little larger than the plywood so you have enough to pull over the sides to staple gun in step 2).

The materials I used.

2) Staple gun the two longer sides of the fabric to the plywood.

3) Stuff the batting material between the fabric and the plywood.

4) Staple gun the top and bottom of the fabric to the plywood.

5) Lay out the ribbon over the board in the “criss-cross”  pattern and cut ribbon pieces to size.

6) Hot glue each side of the ribbon to the back of the plywood sheet, one piece at a time until they are all glued in place making the “criss-cross” pattern on your board.

7) Take small nails an hammer them into the board at each intersection of ribbon on the board.

8) Install a small picture hanger or even the Velcro wall hangers on the back of the board, hang and enjoy!

Have fun with it and enjoy having a designated place for everything…yes even your checklist! Don’t you just love it!?



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Emma Favorite: Books, Paper & Eating.

Emma tasting one of her books.

Emma has been an excellent eater right from the start and for that we are very thankful. However, for the past month she has expanded her eating habits beyond just food. Her new favorite dish: books and paper. Yes, that’s correct, any book or paper within reaching distance (or sometimes it is even worth the “scooting” -not quite to a full crawl yet- journey to her) becomes the apple of our little girl’s eye, literally, she wants to get it and eat it just like an apple.

Here are just a few recent instances of her newest eating ventures:

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine came over to plan out the decor for her wedding reception. So naturally we drew a layout of the reception area on a notepad and used it for reference while planning. Apparently at some point we left the pad of paper within Emma’s view. Minutes later we discovered a perfectly round little hole in the middle of our reception area layout, in the exact form of Emma’s mouth.

Currently the notepad that I keep on my nightstand (see yesterday’s post), to make my daily checklists has a rather “lumpy” lower right corner. Yep, Emma found it one day while I was looking the other way for just one second.

In honor of Emma’s new eating habit we have created a riveting new game in our home! Eric and I like to see just how far we can get in reading a book to Emma before she gets to it with her mouth. It really is quite hilarious how excited you can get when you almost make it through an entire book. Although, truth be told, we rarely get past the first few pages, Emma is not to be fooled.

Just so you know: Emma has never actually been in any serious danger of swallowing large pieces of any kind of paper or book. I do my absolute best to keep a very close and watchful eye on our little one! :)

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Two Cents Tuesday: The Checklist.

And of course, make it a cute checklist.

Make a daily checklist, this will help you stay focused and be efficient in getting done what actually needs to get done…plus it is so much fun to check things off as you go through your day!

Great Checklist Tip: Keep a notepad on your nightstand because as we all know for some reason this is precisely the time our head starts to whirl with all the things we want to accomplish the next day, following this tip will allow you to fall fast asleep while also giving you a little head start to the day that lies ahead!


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Our Fan Broke This Weekend.

Every night before going to sleep, our fan is turned on. I cannot fall asleep without that fan “murring” noise, it just lulls me to sleep. Luckily Eric doesn’t mind the fan noise either. Sadly, Saturday night I woke up in the middle of the night noticing a rather annoying clicking noise, it was our fan.

I do recall getting out of bed hitting the fan, placing pillows by the fan, moving the fan, etc. throughout the night. Unfortunately all these efforts to stop the “clicking” would only work until I got back in bed and then (don’t you know) the clicking would start up again. This, as I am sure you can imagine, was not the most fun thing to do at 1, 2, and 3 in the morning, but I was not willing to just turn the fan off, I would win against this fan. Little did I know that this clicking noise was a “not-so-subtle” hint from our fan that it would soon be shutting down, for good.

In the morning our fan was “turned off” or so Eric and I both thought. We then realized Sunday night before bed that, while each of us had assumed the other had turned the fan off in the early morning hours (because of the annoying clicks), truth was our fan had in fact died. So last night I tried to go to sleep but in the end I had to get up, go to Emma’s crib, very quietly remove the “Sleep Sheep” (click on the link below for more on the “Sleep Sheep”) from it, place the “Sleep Sheep” on my nightstand, turn it on, and fall fast asleep. A bit pathetic I know…..and yes I will be heading to Target sometime today to purchase a new fan for our bedroom.

Just a funny little tid bit from our weekend, hope my sleepless Saturday night gives you all a nice little Monday laugh!

Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go – Travel Sound Machine with Four Soothing Sounds

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A “Contact Me” Page is Now Up.

I have been asked if there are other ways to contact me. So, as of today I have put up a new page on the blog. It simply lists my email for those who are interested in contacting me with any comments, questions, or inquiries.

Thank you all for your compliments & feedback about the blog! Happy to hear my posts are both helpful and enjoyable!

You can click here or on the “Contact Me” tab above to see the new page (not really anything too exciting, but there it is!).

Also…as you can clearly see I am playing around with a new background right now….I’m still kinda new at this so excuse all the changes for the time being!

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Tips for the Kitchen Sink.

I am now thinking about doing a sort of “Work-It-Out Wednesday” post every now and then, realizing that it may be helpful to give a few tips on how to execute the simple principles given on “Two Cents Tuesdays.” For today, here are a few practical tips on The Kitchen Sink:

1) Rinse Right Away. Trust me, I know there is not enough time in the day to just continually clear out the sink. I usually try to at least put water in /on each dish right when it goes in the sink, this makes it so much easier to wash later, minimizing the amount of time (and elbow grease) you will have to give to the dishes later. This is also an easy one for the family to join in on, (click here for more on that).

2) Clean as you go. This applies two different ways. One: throughout the day if you do happen to have just a few extra minutes  to slip the dishes in the dishwasher and/or wash the few dishes that are sitting in the sink, do it one little load at a time makes it much less daunting. Two: When making dinner each night try to clean up what you can while you are prepping and cooking. This will obviously make clean-up much easier after diner, providing both more family time after dinner and a more relaxing  (less chaotic) feel in the kitchen for you and the family as you eat dinner.

3) Do it in style. As I have mentioned before I use cute dishgloves to make this daily task a teensy bit enjoyable and also to keep my hands from being completely dried out from all the time they spend doing dishes. Click here for more on this.

4)Do it now. The age old principle, click here for more on this. (See I told you this applies all the time…I have been hearing that this (at times annoying, but overall very helpful) phrase has now been ingrained in many of your heads as well….this is fantastic news!!)

Hope this helps clear out some sinks each night!

Also, do we like this “Work-It-Out Wednesday” idea (practical help for “Two Cents Tuesdays“)……yes? no? maybe? Give me some feedback, let me know!


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Two Cents Tuesday: The Kitchen Sink.

Well you all knew this day was coming from the day you first read my blog and now it has come, yep, here it comes everyone….have your kitchen sink cleaned up and cleared out every night before you go to bed. Yes there will be “those nights” every now and then when it just can’t be done but do try to make it the norm in your home to have a clean kitchen sink to wake up to every morning, it is such a great way to start out the day!


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