Two Cents Tuesday: The First Room to Organize.

No this is not my kitchen...maybe someday.

As you all begin to contemplate your grand plans for spring cleaning, let me give you a tip on where to start, the hub of the home: The Kitchen. An organized kitchen will save you time and money almost immediately, just a few benefits; you will know what you have (you won’t buy unnecessary items); you will know where to put things away (putting things away will go much faster & you will spend less time moving items around just to fit in all the cabinet…yeah I know some of you do that!); and most importantly your family will be more willing to help in the kitchen (as I was reminded this weekend when my wonderful hubby spontaneously unloaded the dishwasher for me just because)!


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  1. Jessica B.

    Believe it or not, I just re-organized my kitchen last night. One of my huge things was the fridge. With two of us in the apartment and buying separate food items, our refrigerator is rarely organized. My OCD finally kicked in last night and I sat in front of the fridge and organized everything. It now looks like we have food in the fridge instead of everything haphazardly everywhere.
    I do have a question though. We have very little counter space in our kitchen. One of the problems that I’ve had is where to store our bread products since again, we both buy different things. Do you have any ideas of bread storage that wouldn’t take up too much counter space but would also be aesthetically pleasing?

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