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Two Cents Tuesday: The Trash Trick.

Where all trash belongs.

It is a teensy tiny pet peeve of mine when random trash is just left around; whether opening the mail, a piece of candy, a bag of food, leaving out a used napkin, paper plate, empty paper cup…the list could go on but I’m pretty sure you get the point…I don’t like trash lying around and generally try to keep that kind of clutter from our floors, counters, desks, and dressers in our home.

So, if you’re ready I will now share the “trick” I use: throw it away right away…yep, that’s it, really no trick to it at all…just a matter of taking the 10 or so extra steps to the trash can each time you spot a piece…it’s really quite simple and will do wonders to clearing off some of those cluttered spaces in your home (this fits right in under the “Do It Now” principle that many of you have now come to know and love)!



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Two Cents Tuesday: The Shoe Basket.

We have a big cream-colored basket right by our door…for our shoes and it works wonderfully, we have a place to put our shoes right when we get home and a place to grab them right before we step out the door!

Not our shoe basket...our camera is currently broken...will post pics of our new place (shoe basket included) once our camera is repaired! In the meantime, this pic gets the shoe basket idea across just fine.

This basket solves the problem of those random shoes you find cluttering the floor, not to mention also cutting down on the time you take looking for your shoes before you go somewhere… try it…I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this super simple trick (quick tip: be sure you take the time to clear out the basket every couple of weeks, it can get full at times)!


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Two Cents Tuesday: The White Board Calendar.

The white board calendar, a simple way to keep the family schedule coordinated, obvious for the entire family to see, stylish and up-to-date!

Our white board calendars, hanging in our kitchen, I took the pic before I wrote our current months schedule, figured you didn't need to see our little family's entire monthly schedule!

Here is the system we use with our white board calendars:

  • Color-coordination with the markers – Different color markers mean different kind of events; blue – family, red- work, green – friends…and so on (this color-coordination keeps things from just running together on our schedule – plus we were recently given an even bigger packet of expo markers, which is allowing me to be even more specific with our color-coordination on our calendar – keeps it fun too);
  • Change the calendars each month – we generally have the current month and the following month displayed on our white board calendars (helps us stay ahead of planning our schedule as we try to sit down at least once a month and talk through our calendar at least two months in advance, before I fill out the next white board month);
  • Obviousness of it hanging where all in the family can see it – this keeps us from scheduling conflicting events;
  • Use it as wall decor – the black wooden frames we have with ours match with the decor of our home, so these helpful and very useful calendars are not even an eye sorer but rather a welcome piece of wall decor in our home (got mine at good ‘ol Target) – plus it is also magnetic and you can stick cute pictures, grocery lists, to-do lists, etc. up there too, also very helpful;
  • Makes it fun for you to write/coordinate your family schedule – keeping the family on the same (although sometimes crazy) schedule and helping with the peaceful flow of the home, no matter how busy the schedule may get certain months!

Here are a few helpful tools I found on Amazon to help you get started on your own white board family calendar:

Board Dudes 18″x22″ Home Décor Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar w/ Cork Strip

Melannco, Black Calendar White Board with 3 Picture Frame Openings

Board Dudes Double-Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Markers, 4 Packs (14002UA-24)


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Two Cents Tuesday: The Mason Jar.

Ah, the mason jar…one of my most favorite organizing containers for so many reasons:

Just a few of the endless possibilities with Mason Jars.

  • they are see-through (so you easily know whats in them)
  • they are cute (so they can be stylish/decorative storage)
  • they are not expensive (so on our budget, they have quickly become a favorite of mine)
  • they come in all different sizes (so you can use them for such a variety of things)
  • they can be used with lids on or off
  • they can be labeled or not labeled (and yet you will still know just what is in them either way)
  • they can even be used as beautiful vases

……I mean the possibilities are endless people!!!

So everyone, this week I am encouraging you all to consider the usage of Mason jars as organizing tools, in our home they currently store quite the variety….cotton balls, q-tips, sharpe markers, water-based markers, colored pencils, random change from Eric’s pockets, and even napkin rings….welcome this organizing tool into your home and you will not be sorry!


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Two Cents Tuesday: The Time Limit.

Doing dishes at night is never fun…this is a well-established and widely agreed upon statement….my solution to this: I give myself a time limit.

Cute Vintage Clocks can make the time limit even more fun!

I get to the kitchen, set a goal in my head as to what time I will have the kitchen sparkly clean again (I usually give myself around 15 to 25 minutes depending on how messy the kitchen is and whether I am doing a surface clean or deep clean on any given night) and the time limit gives me just enough motivation to get the job done and…dare I say…even makes it the teensy tiniest bit fun when you find yourself finishing minutes before your decided time limit!

Side Note: This can work in cleaning any room or area in your house (time limits and project loads will obviously vary) and is a great help in getting the family on board with cleaning, when they have that time limit in their head too, everyone seems to get into their competitive nature with the clock and cleaning and it turns out great just about every time!


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Two Cents Tuesday: A Friendly Reminder…Do It Now.

Today’s two cents, just a friendly reminder to follow through with the “Do It Now” principle that I introduced about 5 months ago when I started this blog. Click here to read more on what I wrote about this organizing principle…it is one you cannot do without when striving for organization!

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Two Cents Tuesday: The Paper Pile.

Hopefully you have a smaller pile than this one.

When there are multiple piles of paper are cluttering up your counter tops and tabletops, the fastest, simplest solution: put all those piles neatly into one pile. You know how I like to tidy up the house before bed, so it should come as no surprise to you all that when I see different paper piles  cluttering our counter on some nights I often place them all in one neat pile, waking up to a much less chaotic counter top and making me feel a little more confident about attacking one paper pile rather than the three that were there last night!


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