The “Beautiful Dress.”

So glad we captured this moment...the very first time Emma put on her "beautiful dress.

So glad we captured this moment…the very first time Emma put on her “beautiful dress.

It all began one Sunday evening in early November when Emma was sick. Grammy & Papi wanted to stop by to say hi to the poor sick little Emma, who had recently sprung an interest in princesses. They also thought it would be nice for Emma to have some new comfy pajamas to lounge in while recovering from the flu and thus very thoughtfully brought Emma the surprise of pink dress pajamas with princesses on it.

Emma immediately saw this dress as something very dear, in fact initially she would not wear it to eat or sleep in for fear that it may get ruined. As time went on (a week) this dress gained a title…

The “beautiful dress.”

Before we knew it this beautiful pink dress was allllllllllllllll Emma wanted to wear, so much so that at one point we did have to take it away for an entire week because of the dramatic effect it would cause anytime Emma was informed she needed to wear something other than the dress.

Thankfully she is now past the point of “mourning” each time she has to take it off and changes easily into other clothes. Anywho, that was back in November….

The beautiful dress also often appreciates the addition of a necklace.

The beautiful dress also often appreciates the addition of a necklace.

It is now April and this “beautiful dress” has not lost its charm. It has been through several tears, stains, bad sewing jobs to fix the tears (sewing is not mommy’s strong point), a couple potty training incidents and endless washer/dryer cycles…yet to Emma the beauty of this dress has not seemed to fade one bit.

The beauty is so remarkable to our little girl that the simple addition of a sweater is most definitely not a favorite accessory due to the fact that they may by chance cover up the princess picture in the middle.

The dress can even be worn while pretending to clean floors...while she sings like Cinderella of course.

The dress can even be worn while pretending to clean floors…while she sings like Cinderella of course.

This “beautiful dress” continues to be the very first thing Emma asks to put on each morning. She can’t wait to get that dress back on when we get home after being out somewhere. Anytime it is in the washer/dryer she eagerly awaits the moment she can go open that dryer door, find her “beautiful dress” and scurry as fast as she can to have it back on.

And anytime the dress is put back on she will, without fail, ask either Eric or I (sometimes even both of us), “do you like it?” “isn’t it beautiful?” “do you like my beautiful dress?”.

Then other times it is just a simple statement reassuring us that indeed the dress is still beautiful as she twirls, gets that “beautiful dress” contented face of hers on, and delightfully declares… “it’s beautiful!”

We know this “beautiful dress” phase won’t last forever…but it is a long enough phase that we had to get this one written down here for the memories. And that is why this “beautiful dress” deserved a post all it’s own, before it is lost and forgotten.

Actually, most likely the case will be that this “beautiful dress” will continue to be so dearly loved that it is eventually worn beyond recognition…I just discovered yet another new hole in the dress today…



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3 responses to “The “Beautiful Dress.”

  1. It’s nice to know dress-up clothes have caused melt-downs in someone else’s house beside mine. They continue to be one of my go-to consequences….it’s funny how fast Georgia can obey when the threat of not having a dress-up dress is held over her.

  2. Lizzy

    Little girls are so precious! My girl loves pretty clothes… especially shoes. :)

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