Be Sure Your Sin will Find You Out.

Emma sitting on her bench ready to read, showing off her "thinking" pose.

Emma has been very curious in the “tearing books” department lately. She is generally very good about being careful with her books and only seems to tear them when she sees that the page already has a little bend, small fold or tear, she seems to think she is fixing it or something. She knows that tearing books is not “obeying mommy and daddy” (a saying which she frequently quotes throughout the day) and she only seems to do it during her “rest time.” Needless to say, we have quickly learned to give her only good, solid, sturdy books during her naps.

This Sunday we let her take a pop-up book with her, not working out so well in the end.

Emma was taking a “rest.” It was very quiet for about 45 minutes. Then we heard happy talking sounds coming from Emma’s room, this is quite normal for Emma’s “rest time” lately (and may I say, we do so enjoy hearing her joyful little voice as she “reads” to her lamb, bunny and bear who join her in her crib).

This particular Sunday afternoon the happy talking time was very abruptly cut short by a serious cry for help. Eric and I went back to the room pretty quickly; we knew this was not a normal cry. We found her standing in the far corner of her crib with her arm stuck between the crib and the wall. I moved the crib, while Eric rescued Emma from her deep distress. Then Eric gave me a small knowing grin, there were small bits of a torn book on the floor.

Emma had torn her little Sesame Street pop-up book to shreds (I should’ve known something was up when we heard happy yells of “Hi Elmo! Hi Cookie!” coming from her room moments before her cry of distress).

Now that she was rescued, mommy and daddy had to decide what to do with the evidence we had discovered on the floor, under the crib, behind the crib bumper and between the wall and the crib. Oh Emma, she is a clever one (which my parents say is very much like her mommy – me – when I was little, oh dear). In her little mind, there was a small chance that mommy and daddy may have never found the evidence of that torn pop-up book that she tried to stuff behind the crib.

Then her arm got stuck mid-drop of the final piece of that book. There was no way out of it now, mommy and daddy would know right away…and that we did. Poor little Emma, you should’ve seen her face…made it hard for daddy and mommy to keep a straight face as we lovingly disciplined our sweet little girl.

Emma’s sin, it found her out (Numbers 32:23)….a verse I so remember my dad saying to us kids over and over again in our growing up years.The truth of God’s Word never fails and our little Emma is learning that even at the very young age of 20 months.

Oh the funny unexpected moments that pop-up throughout your days as a parent! So thankful for our two little girls, torn books and all! ;)



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3 responses to “Be Sure Your Sin will Find You Out.

  1. Vicki smith

    Great memories…and only make grandparents laugh out loud and say “EMMA…”

  2. Ah yes Vicki….I love how the grandma’s just laugh and smile and the mommy’s have to be the mommy’s. I think being a grandma sounds like a good job. :)

  3. emma's aunt emily

    hahahaha oh emma…why is book tearing so fascinating to these kiddos?

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