My Day of Distraction.

Yes I know… I had originally said and planned on writing an “update” post on both Thrusday and Friday of this week to get you all caught up on our families last two weeks.

But then yesterday I got to a re-organizing project in our home, enough said.

Meaning any extra housework and blog writing went right out the window. I am telling you, I was all about this organizing project as soon as Emma went down for her naps (both morning and afternoon). And it paid off, because by the end of the day I had completed my “fun craft bookshelf” (as I now refer to it), oh so cute and ultra organized in a corner of Emma’s closet. I will get pictures of it up next week and try to give some good tips on what I did so if you find yourself wanting a “fun craft bookshelf” of your own, you can get right to it!

As to why I am not writing an “update” post today…we are off to a friend’s wedding this weekend and I just plain ran out of time this morning to get the “update” all ready to go. Good news though, everyone is packed and we are on schedule to leave right when we planned, all you moms out there know what a feeling of accomplishment that is in and of itself!

So plan for next weeks posts……the two (as previously promised) updates on our families life the past couple weeks, pictures (and tips on) of the “fun craft bookshelf”, and possibly some pictures from this weekend’s wedding (word is the bride has made 90% of the wedding decor, gonna be pretty!)!

Thanks for your patience for the long awaited “update” posts and have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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