My 50th Post: Just for Fun.

That’s right…I have made it to my fiftieth post, Eric is so proud!!! Thank you to all you readers for your kind comments along the way! I am so happy to hear that you all are enjoying my blog and being encouraged as you read….and some of you even getting more organized (music to my ears!)!

So for today to celebrate Post #50 I thought a little poll would be fun. I looked at what the most popular posts have been since I started this blog back in January and I have listed the Top Six (the last two were tied with number of views…otherwise it would’ve just been top five) most popular posts below.

Just click on which one out of these six was your favorite (yes you can vote more than once if you really want to)!

Here are the links to the posts listed above (in case you need a refresher):

“A Few of Emma’s Favorite Things.”

“A Very Simple Organizing Tip.”

“Emma’s New Hat.”

“The Day a Stinky Diaper Took Over Our Home.”

“Our Valentine Weekend Fun.”

“The First Ever: Ask Ashley.”

Happy 50th Post Wednesday everybody!


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