The Day a Stinky Diaper Took Over Our Home.

Most days when Eric gets home I like to have the T.V off, music playing, dinner cooking and the table set. Not because Eric requires it but because I like making our home a fun and restful place for him to look forward to coming home to each day. Last Thursday however, Eric came home to something much different…..

You see, my mom and grandparents had come out to have lunch with Eric, Emma and I earlier that day and we had a great time! Now, this is an important first part of the story because the fact that we went out meant Emma was wearing a regular diaper, not a cloth diaper as she usually does at home (yes I do cloth diapers, I know everyone has their opinion about that, but it definitely saves us money, so I do them when at home). So now later that afternoon back at home, Emma, in her regular diaper was sitting and playing on the floor and was soon very obviously working hard on making a stinky diaper (you know the funny little pushing noises the babies make for their stinky diapers, very funny). Anyway, I let Emma continue on her hard work while I put some of her toys away before we would then go and get the diaper changed. Within a couple minutes I proceeded to pick up a toy that was behind Emma and then I saw the full extent of Emma’s hard work. Yes I saw the hard work, meaning it had come out of the diaper and overflowed onto our nice white carpet…..oh dear. Before getting to the big clean up job I knew I had ahead of me I took a second to send Eric a picture of our daughters creation, we like to laugh at our little girl. :) I had about an hour until Eric was gonna be home…so after a total change of clothes for Emma (and many many baby wipes later), a change of clothes for me (yep it got on my jeans), a load of laundry now in the washer, putting Emma down for her nap and a very intense cleaning of a certain part of our carpet…Eric still came home to the stinky diaper being right by the front door, the T.V on the Food Network and no signs of dinner being prepared anytime soon. But we just laughed.

Having a baby has definitely changed our lives…but even days when stinky diapers take over we are still oh so thankful for the joy, good memories and laughter Emma Grace has added to our home. Just a nice reminder that no matter how organized I may feel my home is, there are some things that will always catch me off guard in being a mom, but it is the greatest job in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!



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5 responses to “The Day a Stinky Diaper Took Over Our Home.

  1. Jennifer Dickson

    so cute… definitely had poop on myself twice… ha ha

  2. Tammi Durso

    I’m so glad you are taking life’s interruptions in stride. There, of course, will be so many more. This is good training for the more difficult ones in the future! And good job, Emma, for working so hard on your own little projects!

  3. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    Bwahahahahahaahaaa! Im so looking forward to my turn, whenever God blesses us with our own lil one.. except the poop, that I can wait for! :)

  4. Emma's Aunt Emily

    hehehehe little Emma! Good job mommy, and good job making your home so lovely to walk into!!!

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