Emma’s First Birthday, One Full Year.

Wowie! It has been a year. Emma came waltzing into our little family exactly one year ago today and my how she has changed every single day… hour…. minute…and second of our lives! And my how we have so loved every one of those changed moments! She is our little joyful girl and we are thankful for such an enormous blessing from God, one we could never have even imagined until she came! It is incredible.

Amazed....and exhausted, one year ago today.

Emma first smiled at a month and a half, first laughed at three and a half months, rolled over at three and a half months, got her first two teeth at five months, sat up at six months, crawled at eight and a half months, stood on her own around nine months and just took her first steps days before her first birthday!

One of those first sweet smiles.

Not to mention the cuddling moments, laughing moments, exhausting moments,  the “wow this is a lot of crying” moments, the moments in the middle of the night praying her fever doesn’t get to high trying not to worry, and those moments you stop and realize just how immense your love for this precious little one is. It has been quite a year.

Emma has been very expressive from the start. We love her happy face, confused face, surprised face, intrigued face, concentrated face and even her sad face (though saddening to see) is incredibly cute! She continues to surprise us with new faces and sounds daily! She has inherited mommy’s loud (and somewhat raspy) voice and daddy’s perfect lips and eyelashes (lucky little girl)!

One of her crazy cute expressive faces.

This parenting thing is an unforgettable, joyful and consistently humbling experience. It teaches you even more about how deep God’s love for us as His children is and makes you realize how little we really understand about just how great God is. What a cool way for God to teach us, through our own little children!

Us with our precious baby girl.

Thank you Emma for all you have taught us this year and will continue to teach us in the years to come! We love you sooooo much and are thankful beyond words that God has given you to us! Kisses, hugs and cuddles to our little baby girl!

To read my hubby’s adorable thoughts on Emma’s first birthday click here!



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4 responses to “Emma’s First Birthday, One Full Year.

  1. Barb

    What a glorious day! I remember the surprise last year that there was no worship team rehearsal because Emma decided there was better things to do that day. You blessed our lives in Fallbrook then, and you blessed our lives last weekend when you came to visit. I just know that Emma will be blessing others the rest of her life. I’m calling it!

  2. emma's aunt emily

    awwww….we love little Emma Grace! Good reflections Ashie…you are a great mommy, and I smile about all those “moments” cuz I know them all too!!!

    And p.s., I think Jackson learned from Emma over her birthday weekend cuz he’s gotten noticeably louder since we’ve been home : )

  3. Tammi Durso

    I love your description of Emma and all her many expressions! She is absolutely one happy little girl and I love her so much!

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