Apologies for the Delay.

Apparently something about my “mommy brain” caused me to forget the busyness that can occur in the summer when you are married to a Youth Pastor. It is marvelous really, it is also busy.

That being said, I must apologize for the yet even longer delay in getting those fun-filled vacation stories posted up for you all to read and enjoy! Reason being….we were home for five days in between vacation and a youth trip we will be taking this weekend.

Those five days included…lots of laundry, unpacking, an unexpected span of three sick days for our little Emma (which also resulted in an unexpected doctor visit…and all the unexpected time and tiredness that come with a sick little baby), fun fourth of July family festivities, the usual ins-n-outs of running a home daily, a bit more planning and prep for Emma’s First Birthday Party (she will be ONE in just one week…cannot believe it!!!!) and of course then putting all that clean laundry right back in the suitcases to pack for the youth trip! Whew…this is one tired mama!!!!

Emma eyeing some icecream...we gave her her first bite of icecream this vacation, it was a hit!

Anyhow for now the best I can do with the time I have is to leave you another picture from our vacation for now and try my hardest to get some of those fun stories posted next week when we return! Hope you all have a fabulous summer weekend!




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2 responses to “Apologies for the Delay.

  1. Barb

    so I’ll just have to be part of that youth weekend! gettin’ organized for your group meals!

    • It was sooo much fun having you and Gary be a part of our youth trip this weekend! The kids loved staying at your house! You are an award winning host I must say….you received rave reviews from all the kids! ;)

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