Our Weekend of Snow.

Our little family up in the snow!

Eric was the speaker for a church’s college retreat this weekend and Emma and I got to join him! This retreat was especially fun to be able to go up to together because the church we went up with is the one Eric and I went to while we were in college, so it brought back lots of fun memories and we got to catch up with some old friends and make some great new ones. It was so special to be up there this time with my husband and baby, seeing as the last time I was up there for the college retreat Eric and I were not even yet engaged (for those of you now wondering… it was February of 2007 when I was up there last and Eric and I got engaged in August 2007, I will share the story of the proposal in a later post sometime, video and all!). Back to this weekend….here’s my quick little synopsis of the fun we had (along with a picture at the end just to show you all how I naturally stand on my tiptoes in pictures if I think people are going for a close up of us, didn’t know that one wasn’t a close up hah!).

Friday: First off…oops didn’t do so great at packing ahead, oh well. Eventually got the car all packed up. Drove up earlier than planned because of the possibility of snow. Driving up, snow starts coming down, so pretty. Arrive at the cabin, I suddenly realize just how much a California girl I really am as I think… “wait I have to get out in the snow now?” Run up into the cabin, the snow is so pretty (looking at it from the warmth of the inside of the cozy cabin). Emma is loving meeting all the new people. Dinner, talking, laughing, meeting new faces, ooh’s and ahh’s over Emma. Sleep, freezing.

My tiptoe pose caught on camera!

Saturday: Morning, breakfast, talking, laughing, devotions, great worship music, great teaching from God’s Word. Lunch, more talking (mostly about dating, marriage and what it’s like now after college, being a wife & mommy, all favorite subjects of mine so it was my joy to sit and talk with the college girls all about this stuff) , laughing, more ooh’s and ahh’s over Emma. Looking at the beautiful snow falling. Dinner, more talking, great time of sharing how God is working in the student’s lives, more talking and laughing. Sleep, kinda freezing again.

Sunday: Wake up, breakfast, more talking, more oohing and ahhing over Emma, more great worship music, more great teaching from God’s Word. Get packed up, leave the snowy cabin, eat lunch at In ‘n Out, one last goodbye to everyone.

Then came the grand finale……get home, realize an immediate change of Emma’s diaper is necessary and as I go to remove her leggings I stick my hand right in the “business” she had been working so hard on during our drive home……home sweet home. Oh the simple joys. Love it!



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3 responses to “Our Weekend of Snow.

  1. Vicki Smith

    sounds like a GREAT weekend!! Love you all and am sure God used you all in the lives you met this weekend!!

  2. emma's Aunt Emily

    hehehahah…I love the tiptoe pose…I have to use that trick all the time too!

  3. Tammi Durso

    What a great little thumbnail of your weekend. Sounds like you had a good time. Love the oohs and ahhs over Emma. And Grammy loved the oohs and ahhs over her with all the aunties on Monday night! So fun having such a doll of a granddaughter!

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