A Very Important Laundry Tip.

This is a tip that I very recently (as in yesterday) failed to follow, reminding me of its importance. The tip is very simple yet often very tempting to skip over because nine times out of ten you would be okay doing without it. However, it is that one time you skip over it, that it’ll come back and getcha good.

The tip: Always check the pant pockets before putting things in the washer.

Yes, yesterday I washed a check that my husband had placed in his pocket. No worries, we got a good little laugh out of it. This is not the first time I have failed to apply this tip. Years ago I washed Eric’s cell phone…and his phone was not due for an update for a good little while. You think I would have forever learned my lesson with that one but no. Good thing I have the most wonderful hubby who loves me so dearly and thinks I’m funny because I am prone to have my blonde moments. Hope my blonde moment yesterday, improves your laundry doing today!

Quick Sidenote (since laundry is the tip topic today): I have not forgotten about the closet organizing series I mentioned last week. I am currently in the process of reorganizing my own closet (over and over again, there are so many options you know) and will post the series after I have it down just the way I like it. That way I can share all the options/tips/tricks with you!



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5 responses to “A Very Important Laundry Tip.

  1. Cheryl Drummond

    Another great organizational tip is to train your husband (and kids) to empty their pockets before throwing stuff into the laundry! It’s all about delegating…

  2. Barb

    I truly think this is where the term ‘money laundering’ comes from, don’t you think? I’ve washed entire wallets before, homework, coveted coupons, and more. But the all time worse is Gary’s special pen that totally destroy everything in the load. Can anyone top this?

    • This makes me feel a little better that at least the load of laundry wasn’t ruined, thanks Barb! Although….this also makes me a little worried about the things I will most likely wash in the future as our family grows!!!!

  3. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    Ugggh I feel your pain on this one ashley! My biggest oopsy with this topic is washing jeans with chapstick still in the pocket! Once it was cherry flavored… no so nice when it leaves big pink stains. I think it happens to us all! :P

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