Do the Dishes in Style.

My current dishgloves, bows and all!

Just a quick tip for the fun of it today! Get yourself some fun, cute, stylish dish gloves! Thanks to my mom and mother-in-law I have had a few different cute pairs of dish gloves over the past few years and it just makes doing the dishes a little less of a job! Three reasons why I suggest them:

1) Keeps your hands softer & less wrinkly (because we all know this is a never ending job and it takes a tiny toll on your hands).

2)You can use hot water to really get the dishes clean without burning your hands (you know its happened to you!).

3) They are cute. You are way more likely to get that sink cleared out, helping you stay more organized, if you have a little bit of cuteness to help motivate!

Here’s some links to a few cute ones I found (the last glam gloves listed below are only $5.00)!

Gloveables Fashion Gloves in Pink Polka Dots

Gloveables® Black Gloves with Black Gingham

Red Fashion Gloves with Leopard Cuff and Bow by Gloveables

Kitchen Basics Professional Rubber Gloves – Paisley – Orange

Glam Gloves – Latex Cleaning Gloves (Varies) (7



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4 responses to “Do the Dishes in Style.

  1. Tammi Durso

    You know, it’s funny that I’ve bought the gloves for you and Natalia but never for myself! I’m going to turn over a new leaf and get myself some cuteness!

  2. Barb

    what a great idea for wedding shower gifts! I’m lovin your blog, Ashley, keep ’em coming. hope your mountain weekend is going well.

    • Thank for the encouragement Barb, so glad you’re enjoying the blog! And you’re right they are great wedding shower gifts, so glad you pointed that out! Oh and we did have a great time in the mountains this past weekend, as you can see in the post above!

  3. Sherry

    Tammi, mom wants some too.

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