Eric & Emma: Sweet Moments.

I just love watching Eric love our little Emma and Emma in turn love and absolutely adore her daddy, it just thrills my heart! Seriously I get to watch their precious little interactions daily and I never tire of it, never! From Emma’s running up to daddy everyday when he gets home from work to her excitement in just seeing a picture of daddy during the day (which often turns to crying because she then realizes he’s not home yet and I have to remind her he’ll be home in just a few hours), it’s just too adorable.

I’ve written about their adorable daddy/daughter relationship in this previous post a little while back and I am pretty stinkin positive there will be more posts in the future on this particular topic because as mentioned a second ago I seriously love watching Eric with our little girls (as Baby Ella will soon be joining in on the daddy/daughter fun as well!)!

For now, I just thought you’d all get a nice little smile inside and out from these two simple yet adorable daddy/daughter moments that happened in our home this past week….

One evening while giving Emma her bath, I noticed Eric was busy doing something in Emma’s room. I asked him what he was doing and he simply replied..”getting a surprise ready for Emma.” Then when we walked into Emma’s room, with her all bundled in her warm towel…she saw daddy’s surprise and had just the reaction he was hoping for. The surprise: Eric had taken all of Emma’s most favorite books and more importantly had even opened each one to Emma’s very favorite pages in each book (Emma has made it fairly obvious to us which pages intrigue her most as she often turns the pages of her books till she lands on the one she really wants to look at)!

Emma's special surprise from daddy!

Then to top it off, Eric had even put her very favorite stuffed animals right by her books to sit and read them with her, it was a little dream come true for Emma! She ran out of her towel, went to each book one at a time, took the time to glance at each of her favorite pages and then just took a slight second to stand in amazement at the fact that they were all so perfectly laid out just for her and with her favorite furry friends all lined up to join her in this excitement. Eric was very proud of his exceptional daddy work and I enjoyed soaking up every second of standing back and watching this sweetness unfold.

Now this second moment is just so simple but still so sweet. Last Monday we woke up to some verywindy weather and Eric could not wait to scoop Emma up from her crib once she woke up, bundle her up in our big white blanket and whisk her outside on our patio to enjoy the wind. Oh cuteness. Emma was sooo excited about it, safe and warm in her daddy’s big arms just soaking up the fun fall weather God had brought us that morning!

Enjoying the windy excitement with daddy!

So there you have two simple but oh so sweet daddy/daughter moments I got to enjoy (among many other little day to day moments throughout the week) this past week…just continuing to enjoy these simple joys of home! Hope this cuteness gave you a nice little smile inside and out this Monday! :)



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8 responses to “Eric & Emma: Sweet Moments.

  1. Sherry

    I’m still smiling :) so cute

  2. Vicki Smith

    so precious! thanks for thankful for Emma (and ella’s) amazing daddy!

  3. It’s so great isn’t it watching them be taught how a boy should treat them?! Love stuff like this!

  4. Tammi

    Ashley, you are so sweet to notice and appreciate the precious moments between daddy and daughter. Thank you for relating them to us so beautifully! I love your little family, every single one of you!

  5. So glad you all enjoyed reading about the cuteness of these two (and soon three) special ones in my life! So thankful for them and so very happy to share the moments with you all! :)

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