Two Cents Tuesday: The Shoe Basket.

We have a big cream-colored basket right by our door…for our shoes and it works wonderfully, we have a place to put our shoes right when we get home and a place to grab them right before we step out the door!

Not our shoe basket...our camera is currently broken...will post pics of our new place (shoe basket included) once our camera is repaired! In the meantime, this pic gets the shoe basket idea across just fine.

This basket solves the problem of those random shoes you find cluttering the floor, not to mention also cutting down on the time you take looking for your shoes before you go somewhere… try it…I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this super simple trick (quick tip: be sure you take the time to clear out the basket every couple of weeks, it can get full at times)!



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2 responses to “Two Cents Tuesday: The Shoe Basket.

  1. I do this, too! I actually have two shoe baskets, one at my front door and one at my back. I love them!!! The family always knows where I throw shoes. I think I need one upstairs somewhere, too. =)
    I’m glad you mentioned cleaning them out…I haven’t done mine in so long, I think there is a pair of shoes in there that Hannah stopped wearing in the summer!

    • Haha! Totally feel ya on finding the time to clean them out as a mommy with young ones! Also agreed on how great it is to have a place where the whole family knows to put their shoes, lessens how much you trip over things on the floor during the day too, hah! :)

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