Rainy Day Reading.

Yesterday we had a rare day out here in Southern California…a full day of comfy, cozy, clouds and rain! And Emma seemed to right away have that natural rainy day instinct we all have..a big cozy chair and some good reading.

Emma discovering a new favorite book in her big pink reading chair!

For her this means her little pink chair right next to her bookshelf in her room (we call it her reading corner and it seems to be a major success this far) and eventually pulling out just about every single book on the shelf before narrowing it down to her top few favorites and settling into her chair with those! Emma and Mommy did quite a bit of reading yesterday! I am proud to say that I now have yet another book of Emma’s completely memorized…the one she chose as her top pick yesterday…I can now read that book word for word without actually having to look at any of the words on the page!

And no worries, Emma still had plenty of books lined up for Daddy to read to her when he got home too!

Emma's never-ending supply of rainy day reading!

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of my cozy rainy reading day with our little baby girl, soaking up the simple joys of being a wife and mommy, and I just had to share the pictures with you all, enjoy!



Here’s a quick link to Emma’s “top pick” yesterday, a very fun book:

Peek-a-boo, I See Who?: A Bible Guess Who Book!


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  1. Aaaaawwwwwww!!!! So Cozy!!! I loved my rainy day with my little ones, too.

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