Two Cents Tuesday: The Bathroom Candle.

Today’s “Two Cents” couldn’t be much simpler, it’s a ridiculously easy tip you can all put into practice right away…put a candle in your bathroom.

Notice…yet another use for the mason jar. ;)

We all know we appreciate when you walk into a guest bathroom to find a fresh candle glow burning, making the bathroom both inviting (well you know, as inviting as a bathroom could be…might as well be inviting cause we all have to visit the restroom at some point right?) and smelling fresh (without the overpowering and sometimes “powdery” smell of those air fresheners), keeping your guests happy and at ease as they use the lovely and oh so necessary bathroom accommodations of your home!


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One response to “Two Cents Tuesday: The Bathroom Candle.

  1. Pam

    Such a beautiful candle. Where did you get these, or did you make them?

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