Baby Durso #2…’s a Girl!!!!!

That’s right everybody, the big baby cake reveal party was last night for us and the frosting was PINK!!!! This means little Ella Faith Durso is on her way and we are going to have two little girls!!! Sisters, so close in age, so so special!!!! Emma Grace is of course absolutely thrilled!!!

We also found out that my sister will be having a boy! Little Cooper!!! They have a little boy already, Jackson, meaning…yes…they will have brothers so close in age…also super exciting!!!

Right before we cut into the Eric's "game time" excitement face captured in this pic!

Our two little ones will be about four weeks apart (Ella is due February 12th and Cooper is due March 8th). Now that we know and we get to call them by their names the excitement and realness of these two little ones has grown even more and we could not be more thankful for these two little blessings from God!!!

Here is a video from last nights cake reveal for all wanting to see, enjoy!

Sidenote: My brother goes to college in Chicago…he was in attendance via Skype to the baby reveal..that’s who we are talking to on the computer screen for those of you wondering!

And yes to all of you wondering…Eric is thrilled to have his two little girls (as am I of course)…and I must say Emma and Ella are two very blessed little girls to him as their daddy, he loves them soooo much!!!!



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6 responses to “Baby Durso #2…’s a Girl!!!!!

  1. emma's aunt emily

    yep! It’s a double take! So excited to have more babies coming!

  2. Vicki Smith

    so great watching this again and again and again and again…totally getting tears in my eyes..we are soooo blessed and papa and gamma will be now praying for Jackson, Emma, Ella and Cooper every night!! love you all.

    • Love you too mom! And those prayers from gamma and papa are appreciated more than you’ll ever know! Thank you, how blessed these little grandchildren are to have you two! :)

      • Stephanie Hansen

        How cool thank you so much for sharing! So excited for you and your family and for Emily and Nick as well. Congratulations, what a blessing!

  3. Congratulations, Eric and Ashley, and Emma!!! So excited to have Ella on the way!!!

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