My Husband.

Today is Eric’s 26th birthday!!! I cannot tell you how thankful I am that this man was born 26 years ago and here is just a small handful of the many unending reasons why.

Eric Durso knows how to lovingly lead. He leads our family well, he is the head of our household, no doubt about it, and I love that. I thoroughly enjoy following, supporting and encouraging him because I trust him. I know with each decision Eric makes, he has mine and our families best interest in mind. It is truly a privilege to walk through life by this man’s side.

Emma laughing hard at her funny & fabulous daddy!!!! :)

Eric Durso is an amazing father. True, he has only been at it for a little over a year, but our little daughter could not be more loved by her daddy…and she knows it. Emma can run up to her daddy anytime she wants and she knows he will pick her up, hold her, hug her, play with her, read her a book, sing her a song, you name it…I have never seen Eric turn Emma away, he is never to busy for his baby girl. Daddy takes Emma on such fun adventures to the park, teaches her to not be as afraid of bugs as mommy is, and can even give Emma a super high view that mommy can never seem to give her (Eric is 6’5″ and I am 5’4″).  Their daddy/daughter bond is precious to watch and it thrills my heart daily as I watch them together!

Eric Durso is a passionate prayer warrior. Every morning I wake up to the sound of my husbands alarm early in the morning, set early strictly for the purpose of being able to spend quality one on one time with God each morning, in the Bible and in prayer. I am blessed to have the prayers of such a godly man on my side each morning before I am even out of bed. His love and desire for God is truly contagious and for that I am so thankful because as his wife, it rubs off on me continually and I know I have grown in my own walk with God as a result of watching this man constantly yearn for and love the Lord…a priceless gift.

Admiring my amazing man that I love and appreciate so much! He is one of my greatest gifts from God for sure!!

Eric Durso is…funny (makes me laugh daily), laid-back (never gets uptight about anything, takes it all in stride), athletic (love that my man is an athlete, so attractive to me!), adventurous (loves discovering new things and taking our family on fun little adventures together). I never think twice about holding his hand in public or hugging him or giving him a quick kiss in front of people, he doesn’t ever mind. He leads family devotions for our little family each night (but doesn’t mind when Emma decides we should go outside and look at the squirrels for a little mid-family devotions intermission). He laughs at me and with me. He protects our family.

He loves God first and our family second….everything else falls after that, he has his priorities straight and he lives that out in all he does.

He amazes me daily, and that’s that. I love you Eric, happy birthday my love! :)



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4 responses to “My Husband.

  1. Norman Molina


  2. emma's aunt emily

    Love! It’s true. Good job bro-in -law. Thank you for being a godly husband to my littlest sister. :) . . .

  3. emma's aunt emily

    Oops, actualy Emma’s Aunt Amy. :)

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