Two Cents Tuesday: The Mason Jar.

Ah, the mason jar…one of my most favorite organizing containers for so many reasons:

Just a few of the endless possibilities with Mason Jars.

  • they are see-through (so you easily know whats in them)
  • they are cute (so they can be stylish/decorative storage)
  • they are not expensive (so on our budget, they have quickly become a favorite of mine)
  • they come in all different sizes (so you can use them for such a variety of things)
  • they can be used with lids on or off
  • they can be labeled or not labeled (and yet you will still know just what is in them either way)
  • they can even be used as beautiful vases

……I mean the possibilities are endless people!!!

So everyone, this week I am encouraging you all to consider the usage of Mason jars as organizing tools, in our home they currently store quite the variety….cotton balls, q-tips, sharpe markers, water-based markers, colored pencils, random change from Eric’s pockets, and even napkin rings….welcome this organizing tool into your home and you will not be sorry!



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3 responses to “Two Cents Tuesday: The Mason Jar.

  1. I love Mason jars!!! I currently use them to store candy in the pantry, chicken broth in the frig, paint brushes, and decorative rocks. Jesse even uses a little one with holes in the lid as a bug jar! I do love their multi-functions.

  2. Oh I love using mason jars! I have them in my bathroom and I like to use them as glasses to drink out of too. They are cheap and super cute! Good ideas, Ashley!

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