Baby #2 Ultrasound…Excitement is Building.

This morning was just like Christmas…had no problem getting up and getting going because we knew we got to go see the ultrasound of our little Baby #2 and we were thrilled! We remembered our 18 week ultrasound with Emma and the amazement of seeing that little person really moving around inside of you and now when we look back at it, we even try to pick out little pieces of her personality that we could pick up on from the ultrasound (kinda silly I know, but oh so fun!)!

Baby Durso #2 at 19 weeks...perhaps sucking it's thumb, little cutie!

So, this time you can imagine we were on the lookout for silly things this baby might do to give us little clues into it’s personality! At first this little one was not quite as cooperative as Emma was in allowing the doctor to see it’s gender, but it was just playing around a bit and eventually allowed the doctor a very clear picture of just whether it is a boy or girl!!!

Eric & I amazed and excited holding Emma's ultrasound pictures, nearly a year and a half ago!

We will be finding out the gender this coming Sunday as we get together with family and Eric & I cut a cake that has either pink or blue frosting inside, revealing to us the big news, as well as to the whole family as we all wait and watch with serious excitement and anticipation! We can’t wait!

And even more exciting…this time my sister and her hubby will also be cutting a cake at the same time as us to find out what their baby #2 is…could there be any more build-up and excitement? I think not!!! Oh but there is…Eric’s birthday is this Thursday so we will also be celebrating his birthday together…God is so good!!! Needless to say, there will be a lot of happy screaming at my parents house this Sunday evening as we all gather to celebrate these two new little ones!!!

For a little idea of what our “Cake Reveal Party” looks like you can look at my hubby’s blog post…he posted a video on his blog shortly after we did the cake reveal when I was pregnant with Emma, just click here to see it and read about Eric’s adorable reflections on finding out our little Emma Grace was on her way back in March 2010!!!!



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5 responses to “Baby #2 Ultrasound…Excitement is Building.

  1. Barb

    ok, so this time I think you need to video the Sunday night gathering. It would be hilarious to look back at it to hear all the joy and excitement. plus when these babies are old enough to watch, they will have a marvelous way to “hear” what a welcome addition they are to their family. now to even think about it a bit further … when they are teens and don’t know where they fit in the world … such a video would prove to them without a shadow of doubt! I’m just sayin’

    • Yes Barb, agreed!!! We definitely want to get it on video, like we got Emma’s on video a year and a half ago…that video still brings tears to my mommy eyes! We love having that memory and plan on capturing the memory this coming Sunday night too!!!! :)

  2. Vicki Smith

    so excited…this baby # 2 is so precious and such a gift given from our Lord above…and the party sunday night will be GREAT! Life is always to be celebrated!!! See you all then!! We will be a screamin’!

  3. Ashley, you are the master at memory making. I wish I was more like you in this way. You remind me that life is so prescious, and to treasure the moments…they are slipping by fast. And it is sooo good to remember God’s goodness.

    • Oh thank you Lizzy! What an encourager you are to me, thank you for that always!!! My Grandma and Mom seem to have passed down this trait of memory making and all of us in the family are thankful to them and to God for that!!! It is a definite blessing to look back at and enjoy God’s goodness through these memories, that is for sure!!!! :)

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