Two Cents Tuesday: The Time Limit.

Doing dishes at night is never fun…this is a well-established and widely agreed upon statement….my solution to this: I give myself a time limit.

Cute Vintage Clocks can make the time limit even more fun!

I get to the kitchen, set a goal in my head as to what time I will have the kitchen sparkly clean again (I usually give myself around 15 to 25 minutes depending on how messy the kitchen is and whether I am doing a surface clean or deep clean on any given night) and the time limit gives me just enough motivation to get the job done and…dare I say…even makes it the teensy tiniest bit fun when you find yourself finishing minutes before your decided time limit!

Side Note: This can work in cleaning any room or area in your house (time limits and project loads will obviously vary) and is a great help in getting the family on board with cleaning, when they have that time limit in their head too, everyone seems to get into their competitive nature with the clock and cleaning and it turns out great just about every time!



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2 responses to “Two Cents Tuesday: The Time Limit.

  1. Candace

    Ashley! I tried this tip the other day & I love it already…not having a dishwasher makes for a lot of cleaning up, BUT, it’s so motivating seeing how little time it actually takes. love this tip!

    • So glad to hear your taking the tip and using it! Super glad to hear it’s been helpful for you! It really does help time go by quicker when your cleaning and motivates you to just do it instead of keep putting it off, I like this one too, obviously!!! :)

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