Snapshots of Our Sensational Summer.

Yes, it’s true! I’m back on the blog, new pictures, header and all (thanks to J.Costea photography and my hubby putting the header together)! As you can so clearly see (from the date of my last post) about halfway through July, I came to my senses and realized…”yeah right there is no way I can keep up with the blog over the summer” and I gave myself the rest of the summer “off” from the blog, which, I must say, was a good decision. So here in a very small snapshot are some of the happenings of our family’s summer!

Revealing the exciting Baby #2 news to the family!

June: We found out BABY DURSO #2 was on it’s way!!!! We announced the wonderful news to our family and friends!!! Eric & I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary with an entire date day out in Old Town Pasadena! We went on vacation to Northern California – got to hang out with good friends from college in a cute little vacation home in Carmel, got to visit one of my best friends from high school up near San Fransisco, then our little family visited downtown San Fransisco and Sacramento, and Emma was a superstar baby traveler on our 7 hour drive back from Sacramento on our last day of our June vacation!

Our little family at Emma's first birthday party!!!

July: Started with more wonderful news…we found out my sister is pregnant with Baby #2 as well, due just about four weeks after Baby Durso #2!!!! We had a fun picnic and fireworks in the park with Eric’s side of the family for 4th of July. 3 days later we left on a youth group trip with a group of about 7 highschool/jr. high students (plus our little family of three), took them to my parents for a pool party/bbq/movie night, down to Oceanside beach the next day, headed to Fallbrook (our old stomping grounds) where our previous pastor and his wife graciously hosted us and our entourage of students, Eric took the students down to a youth conference at a large church in San Diego, visited our old church (fun fun!), then a quick stop at In ‘n Out before heading back up home by Sunday afternoon, whew, quite a trip! Emma then took her FIRST STEPS right before bedtime the night we got home from our youth trip, Eric and I were both there to see it, super special! :) Emma’s first birthday was just a few days after we returned from the trip and her party was the day after her actual birthday, so I got straight to finishing up all the birthday preparations! Family came to celebrate Emma’s first birthday, Emma devoured her little lamb cake (we were very proud!) and then her bigger birthday party the next day went wonderfully as well (pics and details in a separate post later, promise!)! We redid the youth room with the youth group over the next couple weeks, including one giant Ikea trip for our little family of 3 (fun, bu can get a little long when trying to keep a little one entertained for 2 to 3 hours in Ikea) and two workdays with the students in the youth room. Took a beach day trip with the youth group. And of course threw in some frozen yogurt and swimming “family dates” on some of these summer nights! :)

With my whole side of the family in Lake Tahoe!

August: Yep…there’s still more to our summer! VBS at church the first week. Family vacation to Lake Tahoe with my side of the Family the second week…sooo much fun, Emma had her first real hike, we got ice cream with the babies (although they were in the end more interested in playing in the dirt and sticks than eating the ice cream, we enjoyed the ice cream though!), Eric got in lots of tennis and racquetball time with my dad, bro, and bro-in-law at the resort we stay at, had lots of fun board games, conversations, laughing, good dinners (we each took a night to cook dinner for everyone), it was a fabulous family vacation! My 25th birthday was days after returning from Tahoe, for which Eric took Emma and I to the Glendale Galleria/Americana shopping area to meet up with my parents and little bro for dinner and some fun shopping with my mom, ending with fun watching Emma be fascinated by the fountains in the pretty outdoor courtyard they have there, great birthday! Sadly after my birthday both Emma and Eric got sick and both had a virus for a good ten days…baby #2 and I thankfully stayed healthy (tired but healthy). We ended August with a fun day visiting Eric’s parents, sister and her two boys while they camped at a beach in Ventura, a great way to spend one of the last official days of summer!

Emma getting a fun ride from Grandpa during our Labor Day walk to the park!

September: I know, not technically a summer month….but I feel like the first week of September really wrapped up our summer so here it is! Eric and I attended a conference at Grace Community church, while Emma had her very first overnight (technically 3 nights) away from us at my parents, so she was safe and sound and very happy! We missed her oh so much but also enjoyed the time being alone, while also hearing some great speaking on God’s Word that weekend! We ended the labor day weekend by joining our little Emma out at my parents, along with my sisters ad some other good family friends for some fun in the pool, at the park, a little shopping for some prego clothes with my mom and sis, and of course some great bbq! Getting back late Monday night  on Labor Day (happy to have little Emma back with us), we got ready for Fall to officially enter our calendar. Eric was up and out the door early for seminary the next day and we are happily falling back into a schedule now as September progresses!

Our little family enjoying the very cold Lake Tahoe water!

Whew! And that in a nutshell (or as much as a nutshell as I could keep it in) was our super crazy, sunny, and sensational summer!!!


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