Still Blogging.

Our little family on vacation in Carmel!

Hello! Hello! So sorry to have led some of you to believe that my blogging days were over!!  As you can tell I am still new to this blogging world and have not yet learned the proper “blogging etiquette” of informing your readers that you will be away for a couple weeks on vacation, my bad!

Anywho…as you can clearly see we are now back from our little family vacation! We had a marvelous time and my head is jam-packed full of the memories and stories from our trip that I want to record here on this blog (meaning I will share them all with you as I write them out here on Simple Joys this week)!

For the moment I just wanted to write a quick note letting you all know I am still here blogging! The vacation stories will start tomorrow! For now I am just finishing up the last load of laundry, the toys are disinfected (from all those germy places toys go on vacation), bags are all put away and we are now officially all unpacked (just two days after getting home, with a sick baby at home I’d say that’s not to shabby….one more reason being organized is so great, sorry had to throw that organizing tid bit in…you know me!)! Can’t wait to share some funny family moments from our trip with you all this week!

Now off for some good ol’ 4th of July family bbq and excited and curious to see what Emma’s reaction to the fireworks will be tonight! Happy 4th everybody!


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