A Couple of Vintage Weddings.

Over the past couple months, we have had the opportunity to attend some beautiful vintage styled weddings. So for today I thought I’d share some pictures with ya’ll from these two lovely events!

The favors.

The first wedding was back in March and I was honored to be able to serve as a bridesmaid to my friend Karis. It was also my pleasure to help her plan out some of the decor for her reception (as mentioned briefly in this previous post), so much fun planning out how she wanted to display some vintage pieces she had found, bought, and borrowed.

The programs.

My talented mother-in-law and her best friend contributed some of their fabulous work in printing the “CARDS” banner, “Please Take One” tag for the favors, and the “Programs” banner….aren’t they so pretty (they always do go above and beyond with their work!)!? Check out their site www.thepombasket.com.

The card suitcase.

By the way…..plans are currently in the work for Emma’s first birthday party including the banners and other printing products that The Pomegranate Basket will be making (I’ll post the pics of the party for sure, so you can see the pretty paper productions)!

Our little family at the wedding in May.

Next up: the wedding in May, just a few short weeks ago! Both the bride and groom were old family friends and it was so special being a part of their special day! As I mentioned here, the bride did indeed handcraft nearly 90% of her wedding decor! All the flowers were fabric, so soft and pretty!

One of the table centerpeices (each was different)...note the handmade flower.

And these wedding favors were the best idea I’ve ever seen at a wedding. So fun to use for your own decor at home somehow right (unfortunately…I totally forgot to take mine home!)?

My favorite favors.

I only got to snap a few pictures of the decor between all the catching up with old friends we were doing the entire night, very very fun! Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed these pretty pics of some beautiful weddings for two very beautiful couples (inside and out)!!!


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  1. Tammi

    Thanks for mentioning The Pomegranate Basket! It’s always so fun to get together with you to make fun stuff. You have the best ideas! And you all look SO beautiful in your little family shot. I want one!

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