Eric & Ashley: Eric Helps Fold.

So, I thought you might enjoy this little insight into one of the many laughs Eric and I share daily in our home. Most of the time it’s over nothing particularly interesting but to us it can be hilarious. A simple joy of marriage, laughing together!

This one happened a couple of nights ago. Eric had just gotten in bed and I was finishing the nightly routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. As I got ready to get in bed I noticed one of Eric’s shirts oh so neatly “folded” on the end of our bed. I smiled and then laughed as I walked toward the “folded” shirt. Eric started laughing then too as he saw me approach his folding job. I then said (through our laughs), “there are three things about this that make me laugh…”

1) The fact that out of the few items of clothing on the floor for some random reason you decided this particular shirt needed to be the one item that should be folded (to explain this first point you have to know that this particular evening was a night where I did not put our clothes from the day away until the next morning, I know goes against my two cents….but like I always say there are just some nights where it cannot all get done).

2) The folding job is classic (it was creative no doubt, haha, and interestingly enough it could actually not even be replicated by Eric as we laughed when he tried to demonstrate to me the steps in his shirt folding process).

3) The fact that the shirt didn’t quite make it all the way to the drawer, but rather just to the edge of the bed….less that a step away from the drawer (its designated place).

Then I added in a fourth point the end. “Fourth, Eric can I blog about this?”…….Which as you can see he answered with a “yes”,that being the reason you are reading this now!

I so LOVE my hubby for so many unending reasons. In this particular situation I was reminded how much I love the way he really does help out around the house, how he encourages me by letting me know how much he appreciates my work around the house, how he never gets annoyed at my (sometimes OCD) extremely organized ways of doing things, and especially for how he keeps me laid back about things when they aren’t always so organized. I love laughing with him.



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3 responses to “Eric & Ashley: Eric Helps Fold.

  1. Barb

    this makes me laugh, too, Ashley. And I think you just invented a new DSM-3R diagnosis here… instead of OCD you can label yourself EOW for extremely organized wife (or woman, or ways, or weirdo, or whatever, etc.)

  2. I agree with your blog article…. Thanks for sharing

  3. Tammi

    Oh, I love you two! Ashley, you are the best wife I could’ve asked for for Eric! I was laughing with you as I read. His dad folds in the same manner…no particular rhyme or reason. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

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