My New Craft Corner.

Some tins for buttons & beads.

As mentioned in this previous post, I became very focused on finishing up a reorganizing project in our own home one Thursday a few weeks ago. I am happy to report that that project has now become my own little “Craft Corner” (actually a bookshelf but saying corner just sounds so much cuter than bookshelf, right?)!

Anyhow…I have always wanted to get my paper, fabric, ribbon, stickers, buttons, etc., etc. all stored away in a stylish and fun way while also making it easier and practical for me to work on different projects without making a huge mess. And I have done just that. You may sometimes find me just opening Emma’s closet door and staring at this new “craft corner” of mine, just imagining all the fun projects that await!

The basket....."projects in progress."

Also…another important part I knew I wanted to include in this “craft corner”, a basket for my “projects in progress.” You know how you always have different things you are working on around the home? Whether decor for your home, a gift for someone else, something that needs fixing, or just a sweater that needs to be mended…I now have a basket to keep them while in progress.

This basket is helpful both in reminding me to stay focused on the few projects at hand (so they actually get accomplished) and in keeping me from taking on too much (allowing me to really enjoy the projects at hand without getting overwhelmed). It is also great to be able to just throw the projects back in the basket when you are done working on it for the time being. Keeps things neat without taking too much time taking it out and putting it away every time you get a moment to work on it! ….you all want one of these baskets now don’t you?!? :)

Close up of the boxes, tins, and basket.

Quick rundown of what I used & how I used it: a bookshelf I got for $10 (thanks to my sister’s sister-in-law), a couple coffee cans & one formula can wrapped in adorable old vintage owl printed wrapping paper (holding the ribbon), a few cardboard boxes from Ikea (Two medium sized boxes – one holds colored & patterned paper, one holds fabric. Two large boxes – one holds extra home decor and one holds scrapbooking stuff), a few mason jars (holding markers & colored pencils), a few tins (holding buttons, beads, clothespins, gift tags, etc.) and a white basket (which you can see in the picture here that my current “project in progress” is reworking Emma’s mobile to something new for her nursery walls).

The whole bookshelf.

Just goes to show ya…you don’t need a ton of money or a ginormous house with an entire room dedicated to storing your craft supplies (don’t get me wrong…that’s gotta be fun!) to have a pretty, practical and pleasant solution. Make the most of what space and supplies you do have. For me, this closet corner is now just another simple joy of home to me where I am sure Emma and I will collaborate on some pretty fun projects in the future (Eric doesn’t seem to get as excited over this as us girls do!)!



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4 responses to “My New Craft Corner.

  1. I would get excited with you about this! Chris too….would watch me freaking out about how cool an organized corner was and tell me to get a hold of myself. Not a lot of people truly appreciate genius.

    • Thanks Maggie, your enthusiasm is so greatly appreciated!!! Glad I’m not the only one who sits and stares at stylish organization…… just never gets old.

  2. Your excitement made me smile- I can totally relate! Just the other day I totally reorganized our dvd’s (got rid of the cases and put them in cute dvd filing containers). Afterward, Josh kept laughing at me, because I just kept going back to look at how pretty it was. All that to say, I totally get your excitement!

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