Emma’s Nursery Mobile.

Newborn baby Emma sleeping under her mobile. Photo by: t & h photography

Anybody looking for a little nursery inspiration?? Well, as promised here are some pictures (along with the few simple steps it takes to make) of Emma’s nursery mobile that my sister and I made, just hours before I went into labor with Emma (nope, not joking)!

I love it. It captured Emma’s attention when she was a tiny baby, looked pretty and unique in her nursery, and now that it is no longer over her crib (due to the fact that Emma now stands in her crib and would pull it right down on top of her) I am planning on using the materials from this mobile for other cute decor in Emma’s room!

The boy version...Jackson's mobile.

Before we move onto the steps to making this just let me say…I can take no credit for this one, although yes I did help make Emma’s mobile, my sister Emily is the real genius behind this one. I did include a picture of the mobile she made for her son, Jackson’s nursery, so you can all see a boy version of this project too!

Now onto the steps….once you have found fabric & ribbon that fits with your babies nursery, here are the very simple steps to completing this project:

1) Cut the fabric into the decided shapes (can be whatever shape you want!), remember to cut out two shapes of each pattern so you can later sew the two together.

A closer look at the mobile.

2) Sew around the edges of the cut fabric shapes, leaving a small hole at the bottom of the shape (to use for stuffing some batting into the shape next).

3) Stuff the batting into the shape and finish sewing it up.

4) Now for the ribbon: hot glue the ribbon onto the embroidery rings (that’s the pink rings in the pictures…in case the name lost you there!) to make it look like the pictures shown here.

5) Ask your husband to hold up the mobile to the ceiling so you can see where to cut the ribbon to have it hanging at just the right height for your babies nursery!

One more close up of the fabric patterns and tulip shapes.

6) Cut the ribbon and hang it from the ceiling by tying the ribbon from a ceiling hook (which you can find at any hardware…or even maybe some craft stores).

7) Attach the ribbon to the top of the shape (looping the ribbon through part of the thread sewed around the shapes edge).

Hope this gives you some fun ideas!



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5 responses to “Emma’s Nursery Mobile.

  1. emma's aunt emily

    look at that itty bitty baby Emma sleeping in that crib!

  2. Laura Ryan

    I remembered reading this post so I found it again since I am brainstorming nursery ideas for our baby girl! I love the letters you did over our crib! Where did you get the letters and what are they made of? That is super cute!

    • Hi Laura! Sorry I just now saw your comment, my sister made the letters..here’s what she did: Spray painted the frames white, covered the back of the frames with cute fabric and then the letters are from Michael’s and she just hot glued them onto the center of the frame! She gave them to me at one of Emma’s baby showers (and used them as adorable decoration at the baby shower too), great present! :)

  3. Laura Ryan

    over *her crib…not our crib :)

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