Two Cents Tuesday: Remember to Rest.

Yesterday was a very busy and tiring day, so today Emma and I are taking it easy at home because I have noticed that when I am well rested, our home is “well-rested”(thank you to my mom for teaching me this important lesson), meaning it can be a peaceful place for Eric to come home to at the end of the day and that is a big part of my job as the mommy and wife!

The “Two Cents”: don’t overdo it, if you need to take a rest while your baby is resting or your kids are at school, take a rest, it will benefit everyone in the home to have a well-rested mommy and wife…..that balance of discipline, diligence, hard work and rest is one that I know I will always be working on but I also know its worth it…hope this helps some of you and your homes rest today!



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2 responses to “Two Cents Tuesday: Remember to Rest.

  1. That’s a really wise post, wife.

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