My Day at Seminary.

Well here it is the last little “update” post on my two weeks away from the blog. The topic of today’s update: my visit to Seminary (….and why I am glad that I am done with school forever – happy and blessed to have received my college degree, but also happy to be done).

Quick Sidenote: I did get the guest post written for my sister-in-law’s new blog. It ended up being about my Design Ideas Notebook. My sister-in-law has wanted to start one of her own and wanted her blog readers to be motivated to start one of their own as well! So of course, I was happy to share because as you all know I do so enjoy my Design Ideas Notebook!

Now back to my visit…as mentioned above, I got to go with Eric to visit his seminary classes one day and my oh my did I realize just how exhausting my husbands schedule is. He does such a great job at balancing it all that I sometimes forget just how much he is doing everyday, this seminary visit was a great reminder!

His class started at 7:30AM in the morning, meaning we had to leave our place at approximately 6:15AM, to get Emma dropped off with Grammy for the day and still get over to the seminary in time for class. Up at 5AM (knowing I had to not only get ready myself, but also be sure Emma’s things were all packed for the day plus add in time for nursing Emma, which of course cancels out doing anything else for a good 10-15 minutes). Anywho, long story short, I was showered, dressed, had Emma packed up and fed and we were out the door by our previously decided 6:15AM departure time. Emma was excited to see Grammy when we dropped her off so bright and early and we even arrived 10 minutes early to Eric’s class.

Eric’s first class is 4 hours long. I was ready to concentrate, excited and eager to listen, learn, and observe….but then after about 45 good concentrated minutes I realized, my “mommy brain” has greatly effected my “school skills.” My attention span has really shortened quite a bit in the last year, due to the constant multi-tasking you do as a mommy. Still, determined to get the most out of my day at seminary, I forced myself to concentrate the best I could (while still of course thinking through how Emma’s day must be going, what I would make for dinner, what laundry I needed to get done tomorrow…you know!) and enjoyed the Professor’s lecture on Psalms and Proverbs.

Then we went to lunch (in order to make it back to his second class on time we settled for McDonalds drive-thru, which I was happy with because that meant I got a $1 hot fudge sundae!). Got back from lunch went to his next class which goes for about 2 hours. By this time I was getting pretty tired. But I made it through and I feel I even did a decent job concentrating on the counseling lecture and stories the Professor shared.

We then drove to pick up Emma. Eric’s mom thankfully offered to take us to In-n-Out for dinner (checking dinner off my list for me, thank you Mom Durso!). Then it was off to our place to do family devo’s, get changed into something more casual, and back out of the house for Youth Group. I was exhausted. I could only imagine that Eric must have been exhausted too and he still had to teach the kids at Youth Group!

Me with my very impressive hubby. :)

Needless to say, I am impressed with my husband. The discipline, determination, and diligence he has in all that he does is incredible to watch. I am privileged to be his wife. This long seminary day was not only great in reminding me just how full Eric’s plate is but most importantly it reminded me why it is so vital that as his wife I continue to be in daily prayer for my husband, trusting God to continue to sustain him through his very busy schedule with wisdom, energy and discernment.

Encouragement to all you wives out there: pray for your husband daily, it is important and it does make a difference.



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5 responses to “My Day at Seminary.

  1. what are your family devo’s like? Is it separate from devo time between just the two of you?

    • I read this comment to my hubby and he offered to write a guest post soon on our family devo’s!!! Excellent question, thanks for asking Luann…keep your eyes peeled for Eric’s guest post soon!!!

  2. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    Amen on two things: That we are done with school (Ugh, SO relieved!) and that prayer for our husbands during the day does help alot! My husband was in the field this last week and boy was he super busy and tired when he got back. But he completed his training and even maintained his devos too! I am thankful that the spirit convicts me to pray for him regularly since i struggle with being organized and managing my time wisely.

  3. I love you Ash! You are such a good prayer warrior.

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