Emma & Friends.

Emma and Felicity playing.

Emma has had a few fun play dates recently. Emma has always been a very social baby and recently her excitement over other babies and kids has become more and more vocal. Now, I will openly admit that my voice is not a particularly quiet one. And we are now discovering that it looks like Emma’s voice may be just like mommy’s!

Emma and Felicity getting tired.

At times we do have to explain to Emma that not all babies appreciate loud yells of excitement quite as much as she does. But she means well and she is just too cute when she does it. So for now, pardon the loud yells, but she is really just terribly excited about making another new friend!

Emma showing her excitement to Avaree.

Another new part of parenting that we have now entered, the stage where we are the parents saying “be gentle Emma” and not just the ones watching the other parents say that to their child while they look at your little baby. We can’t believe how fast little Emma is growing!

Emma and Avaree playing.

It is so so SO much fun to watch our little Emma’s personality pop out more and more each day, we love it! We are so thankful to God for our joyful little bundle of excitement!


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