Babies, Birds, and the Beach.

The babies playing together. :)

So as mentioned in Monday’s post, today I was going to attempt to squeeze the most basic of details of our family’s life these past couple weeks into this one post! However, I have now decided to spread it out into three posts. Meaning the rest of this week on my blog will be dedicated to catching you up on some of our family moments while I was away from the blog!

Eric, Nick (bro-in-law), Andy (brother) and my Dad at the Conference in Chicago.

First up…The Gospel Coalition Conference. This starts all the way back in September when for Eric’s birthday, all the families got together to get Eric a surprise birthday present, he got to go to a huge Christian Conference in Chicago this April, one he has wanted to go to for quite a while. Now back to April…Eric, my dad, our bro-in-law, and my brother all got to be in Chicago for the conference and had a great time!

While they enjoyed the conference, we enjoyed some great sister/mom/baby time down at my sister’s house near the beach. We took the babies to the park, went shopping, watched some hgtv, talked, talked, and talked (love it!).

At "Pigeon Pier" with my Mom, Emma and Amy.

One night we went to the pier to eat dinner. There were a lot of pigeons there. My sisters and I…we don’t like birds in our space. The pigeons were walking around by our feet (trying to nibble the food our babies were dropping). Long story short…the birds attacked each other right under my legs. I could feel their wings hit my legs, no thank you.

In the picture above you may notice my sister Emily and her little boy Jackson are missing that is simply because by this point she no longer wanted to sit with the birds. You may also notice that I do not have my feet on the ground, due to the birds. Yes, this was quite the eventful dinner.

By the end my sisters and I all had our feet up on each others chairs and my mom was crying from laughing at us so hard. All in all a fabulously fun week with my mom and sisters!



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5 responses to “Babies, Birds, and the Beach.

  1. Vicki Smith

    My silly girls! It was a fun time together and the dinner was hilarious!

  2. emma's aunt emily

    and…you forgot to mention that by the end Emily couldn’t handle to accelerated level of anxiety and actually left. Just up and went home.

    • AAHHHHAHAHAHA! I know I decided to leave that out to keep you looking a little brave, but there you have it everyone, we have no shame, we’re afraid of birds!

  3. Jim Smith

    I wish I could have seen those piegons. They must be cousin of the attack chickens you saw in Bishop years ago.

  4. Ginni

    You guys needed Matthew with you. He yells at the birds around our house and chases them away. He could have protected you. :)

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