Two Cents Tuesday: The Bottles of the Bathroom.

Just something to think about for your next shopping trip.

You know, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hairspray, the list goes on, the problem is we just keep buying new ones and the old ones never really get all used up so we end up with a stash of half used (or sometimes basically empty) bottles under our bathroom sinks!

The point: don’t buy more than one (per bathroom obviously…or two if you really want to push the limits) of each bottle at a time, I mean how many do we really need….go ahead look under your bathroom sink and see how many half empty bathroom bottles you have forgotten about, see…….make today the day you finally throw them away and start fresh (and don’t buy new ones until you have basically used up the ones you have)!


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One response to “Two Cents Tuesday: The Bottles of the Bathroom.

  1. and i, as couponer/freebie gett-er, disagree :)

    i too am against clutter (and hoarding). that being said, when it’s free or stinking near free and i know it’s an item my family uses and will be able to use before it were to go bad, i will stock up on it and store it on our designated shelf in the linen closet. it saves money by not waiting until i am out of it to then ‘need’ to go get it and pay full price.

    I agree with keeping the bathroom cabinets simple and uncluttered. keep the overflow in your pantry/linen closet (what else do you call that thing?!) and keep track of how much you have of what so you can stay ahead of running out and risking having to pay full price :cringe: :)

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