Priorities: The Time Out Tip.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been much less frequent with my blog posts the last two weeks! Between trips, teething and other fun but time consuming things popping up in our family schedule lately I have gotten a tad bit behind!

Eric’s final weeks of classes for this semester (he’s in Seminary) are fast approaching…as is summer (lots of fun planned!), I have begun plans to redecorate our churches nursery, plans for Women’s Retreats are in full swing at the moment, and of course my top priority…glorifying God through the everyday running of our family and home, have very suddenly filled up my plate. On top of this my sister-in-law has asked me to write a guest post on spring cleaning for her new blog…which then of course gets me thinking about new ways I could do a little spring cleaning or re-organizing around our own home (it’s kinda like that whole “When You Give a Mouse A Cookie” book….”when you give Ashley a chance to think about cleaning or organizing…..” you get the idea). Anyhow, bottom line: I need to take a little break to make sure I am keeping the most important things, the most important things.

Our family....what makes these "time outs" so very important and so very worth it to me!

So I am taking a time out. A time out from the blog posts. The organizing tip here: When you have to many things on your plate, you have to be able to recognize when and what to take a time out from. And although I love doing the blog (really so much fun!) I realized that for the next two weeks it is wiser for me to not spread myself so thin.

I will be back in the blogosphere on Monday, May 9th with lots of fun family stories, helpful organizing tips, and fun do-it-yourself decorating projects! In the meantime enjoy browsing through some past posts on organizing tips, our little families life, household cleaning, and/or some fun decorating ideas to help you with your own spring cleaning!

Oh and a very happy birthday to my most wonderful and amazing mother today (couldn’t write a post on her birthday and not mention it)!!!

Excited to be back with some fun new posts in just a couple of weeks! Until then, thanks for your encouragement and understanding!



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3 responses to “Priorities: The Time Out Tip.

  1. Oh my goodness, Ashley. I seriously admire you. I mean the whole taking a time out thing is good, but you even have a day planned when you will be back. You are so beyond me! I am so thankful to have you as my sister-in-law! And so sorry to add to the list of things to do, it seriously can wait!

    • Oh Talia, thank you so much. And really I am so totally happy to write a guest post for you on your cute new blog! No worries, it’s not stressing me out, it’s fun..I just have to contain all my crazy organizing ideas I get anytime I work on the guest post….it can get a little crazy inside this organized mind! Still have the goal of getting it over to you by tomorrow night (our time, not France time ;))!

  2. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    Oh whats two weeks- we can wait! We will miss you for the time being, but what a great blessing to read about your priorities and putting the most important things/people first! Im so proud to be your friend!!! Good luck with your tasks/planning, Mrs. Durso! :)

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