Two Cents Tuesday: The Ten Minute Tip.

Cute timers are always helpful.

Take ten minutes before you go to bed each night to pick up little odds and ends around the house (including putting your clothes away from that day…I know, I know never a favorite thing to do, but oh so worth it).

This is completely doable for you now that you have the tools needed (Organizing Principles 1, 2, 3 & Organizing Process 1, 2, 3) to have your home in order, making this ten minute tip much easier to follow through on, so starting tonight, set a timer (seriously) and see how much you can get done, make this a habit…you’ll be happy you did!



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3 responses to “Two Cents Tuesday: The Ten Minute Tip.

  1. Elizabeth Isbell

    A timer…hhhmmmmm…one thing I don’t have around the house that would be most helpful!!! Good idea!!!

  2. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    i wonder if I can make it into a game- maybe grant would join in! I thank you for designing the perimeters of this experiment! LOL!

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