I Had Big Plans for Thursday.

When the sun came up this past Thursday morning, I was eager to have a very productive day. I was ready to take a nice walk with Emma to Target (to get some things for a “Happy Spring Break” surprise dinner for Eric when he got home), get things all prepped and set-up at home for that “Happy Spring Break” dinner, clean the bathrooms, do some work on Women’s Retreat, visit Eric’s Grandpa (currently recovering at a nursing home from a minor stroke) and of course just the usual everyday jobs that keep a stay-at-home mom very occupied day to day.

Instead, Emma had some “tummy” issues (nothing serious, just a little gas..meaning lots of crying).

There was no walk to target as Emma was not such a happy camper with her nap schedule being basically non-existent (due to the “tummy” issues). For this same reason, we did not get over to visit Eric’s Grandpa. Instead of cleaning the bathrooms I caught Emma right before she tried to bite the toilet (as I am still getting used to her fast crawling abilities now). Instead of working on Women’s Retreat, I barely had enough time to get the dishes done and eat a quick bite for lunch. And instead of Eric coming home to a nice “Happy Spring Break” surprise dinner, he came home to a very tired (and somewhat teary eyed) wife and daughter.

In the end, though, I can truly say I am thankful that none of my “productive” plans were accomplished this past Thursday.

At one point in this very long day, with my face flat down on our the bed, I prayed, asking God to give me extra doses of His grace and joy so that little Emma would be able to see that in me, even as I was feeling so incredibly tired and overwhelmed….and He (faithful as always) did. In the midst of my weariness, because of God’s grace, I was grateful.Grateful that I have a wonderful husband who just holds me when he comes home seeing that I am so exhausted and lets me know so sweetly that he appreciates my work at home. Grateful that God has blessed us with a beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl, who adds so much joy to our home daily. Grateful that I get to stay home with and care for and enjoy our little baby girl day in and day out. And grateful that God reminded me, so graciously, of my absolute dependence on Him, showing me, once again, that He makes all the difference in every single move I make as a wife and mom.



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6 responses to “I Had Big Plans for Thursday.

  1. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    wonderful words- adorable as always, but very honest and deep. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Lizzy Isbell

    I’m encouraged to hear that I’m not the only one who has days like this. I had that kind of day today…all these plans, and not one of them accomplished. Life is not always perfect, but I am so glad that we have a God who can give us greatful hearts in spite of it. Thanks for this blog, Ash. It was very encouraging.

  3. Emma's Aunt Emily

    ashie I just read this and thought it was so beautiful…you have a beautiful heart for Jesus and your husband and your daughter…it encourages my heart to hear and see it and makes me want to strive for that attitude in those moments also.
    Thanks for sharing : ) love you.

    • You are very welcome, this means a lot to me from you cause I look up to you as an example of a godly wife and mother. So thank you for your encouragement to me too. Love you too sis!

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