Our Catan Obsession.

The Game.

Eric and I play a game I’m sure many of you have also grown to know and love, Settlers of Catan. I decided it was time to give a little shout out to this family favorite and spread the fun to any of you who have never enjoyed a good game of Catan. This game never gets old (and I’m not even the biggest board game person) because it changes every time you play it, it’s great.

Proof that this game never gets old (and also perhaps proof of what dorks we are when it comes to this game): the record Eric and I have of our wins and losses when we play one on one. This list dates back to May 31st, 2009, recording a grand total of 81 Eric & Ashley Catan competitions! Yeah, we know it’s cool. Just a note…I am currently ahead in a 41-40 record (I have 41 wins, Eric has 40), pretty “neck and neck” at the moment.

If you don’t have this game, get it. It’s as simple as that (those of you who already know this game back me up here!). I put the link for the game below so you can all enjoy one of the best family game nights ever ASAP!

The Settlers of Catan

Many fun game nights await you as soon as this game enters your home….please do know though, it’s a tad bit addicting, in a good way of course! One last thing, this makes a great stay at home date night sometimes! Happy Catan playing everyone!



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6 responses to “Our Catan Obsession.

  1. Christina Greenwood

    Ashley is so right about this came… It is so fun and never get’s old. I have never played it one on one thought; Might have to try that soon.

    • Christina Greenwood

      Spelling error.. Ashley is so right about this GAME… It is so fun and never get’s old. I have never played it one on one though; Might have to try that soon.

      • The rules change just a tad when you play one on one; you play to 15 instead of 10 and the “robber” isn’t active until one of you gets to 4 points, it’s fun! There are a couple of other rules that some people do too when they play one on one, those are just the main two Eric and I play by, you can google it to get more ideas! Glad you share our excitement for this game! ;)

  2. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    Ohhh YES! I LOVE THIS GAME! Grant and I currently have the original, the expansion kit for the original version AND the sea farers version too! Best game ever!

    • Sarah! I sooooo knew you would respond to this post eventually! :) Wow we don’t even have the seafarers version yet, you guys have gone pro! ;)

      • Sarahbeth Yodidle

        Oh its so much fun! Grant especially enjoys making his own rules, lol. You guys totally got us hooked on this game, you had to know it would come to this, bwahaha!

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