A Place for Your Checklist.

Our home's checklist holder.

To go along with this weeks “Two Cents” as well as the incorporation of  “Organizing Principle #2” I present you with a nice simple weekend project: The Memo Board. This is extremely easy to make and the perfect place to pin up your daily checklist!

All I did was take some leftover fabric from our curtain panels, some leftover ribbon from our wedding programs (believe it or not…had that for almost three years now!), some leftover plywood (from Emma’s cradle, a family heirloom passed down to us), and some leftover batting (from the mobile my sister and I made for Emma’s nursery…I’ll have to show you that project sometime too…my sister is a genius!). So can you see the theme? Leftover material  = completely free project and decoration for our home, the best kind!

Here’s what I did in 8 simple steps:

1) Cut the fabric to fit the piece of plywood (cut the fabric a little larger than the plywood so you have enough to pull over the sides to staple gun in step 2).

The materials I used.

2) Staple gun the two longer sides of the fabric to the plywood.

3) Stuff the batting material between the fabric and the plywood.

4) Staple gun the top and bottom of the fabric to the plywood.

5) Lay out the ribbon over the board in the “criss-cross”  pattern and cut ribbon pieces to size.

6) Hot glue each side of the ribbon to the back of the plywood sheet, one piece at a time until they are all glued in place making the “criss-cross” pattern on your board.

7) Take small nails an hammer them into the board at each intersection of ribbon on the board.

8) Install a small picture hanger or even the Velcro wall hangers on the back of the board, hang and enjoy!

Have fun with it and enjoy having a designated place for everything…yes even your checklist! Don’t you just love it!?



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7 responses to “A Place for Your Checklist.

  1. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    Ohhh boo! I have all the stuff for this project except a glue gun (yes, I have the glue, lol)! Well, I will just have to ask around to borrow one, I really like this craft! Post more, oh please please pleeeease??!!

  2. Stephen and Lizzy Isbell

    Yes, Ashley, I just love it! My mom has one that she mounted with magnets on the frig, and all the updated pics of the grand-kids go there.

  3. Sherry

    great tip, I think I’m going to make one.

  4. Leia

    Hey Ashley! I love th3e material you have for your curtains! Do you remember where you got it?

    • Oh thanks! I got it at Joanne Fabrics but it took forever for us to find more material to make a second set of curtains so it may not be there anymore, but they have still have a ton of pretty fabric there I’m sure!

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