Emma Favorite: Books, Paper & Eating.

Emma tasting one of her books.

Emma has been an excellent eater right from the start and for that we are very thankful. However, for the past month she has expanded her eating habits beyond just food. Her new favorite dish: books and paper. Yes, that’s correct, any book or paper within reaching distance (or sometimes it is even worth the “scooting” -not quite to a full crawl yet- journey to her) becomes the apple of our little girl’s eye, literally, she wants to get it and eat it just like an apple.

Here are just a few recent instances of her newest eating ventures:

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine came over to plan out the decor for her wedding reception. So naturally we drew a layout of the reception area on a notepad and used it for reference while planning. Apparently at some point we left the pad of paper within Emma’s view. Minutes later we discovered a perfectly round little hole in the middle of our reception area layout, in the exact form of Emma’s mouth.

Currently the notepad that I keep on my nightstand (see yesterday’s post), to make my daily checklists has a rather “lumpy” lower right corner. Yep, Emma found it one day while I was looking the other way for just one second.

In honor of Emma’s new eating habit we have created a riveting new game in our home! Eric and I like to see just how far we can get in reading a book to Emma before she gets to it with her mouth. It really is quite hilarious how excited you can get when you almost make it through an entire book. Although, truth be told, we rarely get past the first few pages, Emma is not to be fooled.

Just so you know: Emma has never actually been in any serious danger of swallowing large pieces of any kind of paper or book. I do my absolute best to keep a very close and watchful eye on our little one! :)


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One response to “Emma Favorite: Books, Paper & Eating.

  1. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    sounds like lil baby Durso is teething! Rock on, Emma! :) Shes going to be even cuter when those teeth are all in!

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