Tips for the Kitchen Sink.

I am now thinking about doing a sort of “Work-It-Out Wednesday” post every now and then, realizing that it may be helpful to give a few tips on how to execute the simple principles given on “Two Cents Tuesdays.” For today, here are a few practical tips on The Kitchen Sink:

1) Rinse Right Away. Trust me, I know there is not enough time in the day to just continually clear out the sink. I usually try to at least put water in /on each dish right when it goes in the sink, this makes it so much easier to wash later, minimizing the amount of time (and elbow grease) you will have to give to the dishes later. This is also an easy one for the family to join in on, (click here for more on that).

2) Clean as you go. This applies two different ways. One: throughout the day if you do happen to have just a few extra minutes  to slip the dishes in the dishwasher and/or wash the few dishes that are sitting in the sink, do it one little load at a time makes it much less daunting. Two: When making dinner each night try to clean up what you can while you are prepping and cooking. This will obviously make clean-up much easier after diner, providing both more family time after dinner and a more relaxing  (less chaotic) feel in the kitchen for you and the family as you eat dinner.

3) Do it in style. As I have mentioned before I use cute dishgloves to make this daily task a teensy bit enjoyable and also to keep my hands from being completely dried out from all the time they spend doing dishes. Click here for more on this.

4)Do it now. The age old principle, click here for more on this. (See I told you this applies all the time…I have been hearing that this (at times annoying, but overall very helpful) phrase has now been ingrained in many of your heads as well….this is fantastic news!!)

Hope this helps clear out some sinks each night!

Also, do we like this “Work-It-Out Wednesday” idea (practical help for “Two Cents Tuesdays“)……yes? no? maybe? Give me some feedback, let me know!



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2 responses to “Tips for the Kitchen Sink.

  1. Vicki Smith

    I love 2 cents tuesday and work it out wed!! such great ideas and cute titles and good pics! So proud of you honey and learning from you!!

  2. Thanks Mom! And you know you are where I get this clean kitchen sink principle! ;) Love you!

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