Two Cents Tuesday: The Kitchen Sink.

Well you all knew this day was coming from the day you first read my blog and now it has come, yep, here it comes everyone….have your kitchen sink cleaned up and cleared out every night before you go to bed. Yes there will be “those nights” every now and then when it just can’t be done but do try to make it the norm in your home to have a clean kitchen sink to wake up to every morning, it is such a great way to start out the day!



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6 responses to “Two Cents Tuesday: The Kitchen Sink.

  1. Jessica B.

    This is a great tip. I’ve been trying to do this every night for the past couple of weeks and it makes my mornings so much smoother when I can just make breakfast in a clean kitchen.

  2. is that your sink in the picture?!

    • Haha no! I would take it though with that nice big window in front of it!!! …Not that my sink wasn’t clean, haha! I just didn’t think it was worth the time to take a pic of my actual sink when I could just grab this one off google real quick for this quick tip! I knew someone was gonna ask this, :) maybe some other time I’ll get a pic of my sink up here, so you can all see that I do follow through on this tip, promise! ;)

  3. yes i was being a stinker! i’m still a bit giddy as i JUST became the homemaker i’ve wanted to be for so very long!!!

  4. Congrats! So glad you are enjoying your homemaker role so much! It really is a joy isn’t it!!?!? :)

  5. i am joying in this new life. figuring out my new schedule to make the most of this time i have been given. involves some serious discipline. started my new homemaking notebook with all my ideas and thoughts and scriptural encouragement. :sigh: wish we could meet up and share :)

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