Our Birthday Party Weekend.

Jackson & Emma ready to party.

This weekend my whole family (quick rundown of the family: My dad, mom, big sister Amy, big sister Emily, Emily’s husband Nick, their son Jackson, my little brother Andy, and of course Eric, Emma & I, see the picture below) got together for some very important birthday parties! Jackson turned ONE on the 17th and Nick turned 29 on the 18th (yes Nick got the best early birthday present ever when Jackson arrived one day before his birthday last year)!


First up was Jackson’s family birthday party on Thursday night. My sister set up her house with all the cutest decorations and we had a nice big family meal, watched Jackson eat his cake (well kinda…actually he was so tired by the time he could eat his cake that he just cried and reached for my sister), watched Jacksy (as we affectionately call him) open his presents (so many fun toys), and then (once the babies were in bed) we watched a two hour video of the first year of little Jacksy’s life one month at a time! So fun to watch how much they change in that first year month by month, amazing and oh so cute!

Next was Nick’s birthday on Friday. This time we had a big family breakfast, after which we all went around the table and said what we love about Nick (a tradition in my family, always very nice and encouraging). Then Nick and Emily got a whole date day out together while we were all home watching Jackson for them (actually, I went out for a few hours too to get my hair done woohooo…thanks Mom for watching the babies)! Then that night Amy, Eric and I joined Nick, Emily and some of their other friends and family at TGI Fridays for a little birthday dinner for Nick, also very fun!

Cute little messy faced Jackson.

Then Saturday afternoon was Jackson’s big birthday bash with all the friends! Since my sister and I now both wake early in the morning (with our babies) we had plenty of time to get everything ready and rearranged in the house before the guests arrived around noon. Then we all just sat back and had a fun time talking, eating cake, looking at Jacksy pictures, watching all the babies play, singing happy birthday (to both Nick and Jackson), and of course watching Jackson open yet even more cool toys (and some pretty cute clothes too)! And the best part, Jackson attacked his cake this time…well on the third attempt. You see, he did not like the lamb cake (don’t know why but in my mom’s family there’s a “lamb” cake tradition for the babies first birthday…so that’s what we do!) but when we placed a piece of chocolate cake in front of him he was very happy to get messy, a perfect grand finale to our wonderful birthday party weekend!

We love getting together with the whole family, such precious precious times and oh so many memories made! Here’s a few more pictures of our birthday party extravaganza this weekend!


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